It didn’t seem like Manchester United was going to have a good season a couple of months ago. Some fans looked like they gave up and preferred spending time at Bingo77 UK and playing their favourite games. However, more than a month without a defeat (the last one on 22nd January) made it possible to dream about Man Utd playing in the UEFA Champions League next season. 

The fact that Manchester City got kicked out from the UCL for two years was greeted by the Red Devils. It’s not about wanting bad stuff to happen to their rival. However, their elimination made it possible for the team placed fifth in the English Premier League to qualify for the Champions League. 

After winning against City recently, United is at the fifth spot, but it won’t be easy to hold onto it. With nine matches to go, the Red Devils will need to maintain their good form. That is the only way for the season to be successful. 

We singled out the matches particularly important for Man Utd and their Champions League battle. 

If you take a look at the schedule, you realize it could be worse for Utd. From nine matches, they will play three against potential contenders for UCL spots. The first one is right around the corner since the team’s next match will be against Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham is having a terrible season, and the arrival of Jose Mourinho didn’t help. At the moment, they have four points less than Manchester United, which puts them under a lot of pressure. That is something Solskjaer and his team should use to their advantage. With the right approach, the Red Devils could remain undefeated. 

We don’t expect a lot of goals since United is playing away, and Mourinho has never been an attack-minded manager. A tough game means that Solskjaer needs to pay attention to defence. On the other hand, using even a single opportunity to score a goal might be enough for a big win.

@Norwich City (21/03/2020)

Here is another away game for Manchester United, and it will be important for two reasons. First, winning three points always matters, especially when playing away. However, this will also be the fifth match the Red Devils will play in 14 days, and the last one before a two-week break. That is why ending the run on a positive note is crucial. With three points won in this game, Utd might be going on a break while keeping a top-five position in the Premier League. And that is a great way to maintain confidence.

Norwich City, on the other hand, needs to find a way to win as soon as possible. They are facing a tough situation, and relegation seems imminent. However, a wounded lion fights hard, which is why United needs to be careful. 

@Leicester City (17/05/2020)

The final game of the season might end up deciding who will participate in the UEFA Champions League. Leicester has been playing above all expectations and find themselves in the third position. However, it remains to be seen whether they can maintain the current form. It doesn’t sound impossible to find themselves lower on the table before the season’s final week.

That means Manchester could be looking at how to finish ahead of Leicester at the end of the season. Winning three points in the last match might make this feasible for United. It all points to this being a vital game, which is why fans are looking forward to it!

Sheffield United (TBD)

The FA Cup postponed this game, and at the time of writing the article, the new date wasn’t set. However, whenever Manchester Utd plays Sheffield Utd, a win would be crucial. Sheffield only has two points less than United, which means a defeat could have catastrophic consequences.

Additionally, the Red Devils are playing at home. Winning matches at Old Trafford if they aim for a high position in the final rankings. 

BONUS: Manchester United – LASK

Fortunately, Premier League is not the only competition that can secure playing in the UCL next season. United also has Europa League, where they are currently in the Eighth Finals. This round’s opponent is LASK Linz from Austria, one of the positive surprises in the competition. 

Manchester is a favourite in this tie, but if they eliminate LASK, they still have three rounds to go to win the trophy. Only the winner of the Europa League will qualify for the Champions League. Other teams in the draw are Inter Milan, Olympiakos, Getafe, Eintracht Frankfurt, Roma, Sevilla, etc. 

Playing in the UCL is the main goal for this season, but the fans would surely love winning a European trophy, too. The last time the Red Devils won the Europa League was in 2017 and repeating that success would be quite a feat.


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