The rise of eSports has initiated some changes within the gambling industry. The new generation of millennials has preferences that differ from the older punters. Casinos see the need to cater to this new player pool. The introduction of new gambling machines that employ skills rather than luck is making waves worldwide.

Brief Background

Land-based casinos don’t favour table games like blackjack and poker too much.

Blackjack has small margins and an easily beatable design, which was at its height in the 80s when card counting made its debut. The infamous Blackjack Team from M.I.T. took full advantage of this precarious system back in the day.

The situation only worsened for casinos when poker gained popularity. It’s a game that often sees a massive amount of money change hands, yet the house only receives a fraction of a capped rake. It’s also a game that requires some sort of gambling skill, logic, and strategy to win.

In 2005, Ladbrokes Poker was the most prominent online poker website in Europe. Then, the operator chose to include various slots gambling machines into its offerings. This took a turn in the wrong direction and utterly burnt consumer’s interest in poker. Slots were the new top dog.

Nowadays, online casinos rarely offer poker as anything more than an additional small-scale game.

The primary focus is slots. Statistics show that slots are the main attraction at online and offline casinos alike. However, a new betting medium is slowly becoming more popular, especially among the younger generation.


This new betting medium is none other than eSports.

eSports is short for “electronic sports” and incorporates the use of video games. This type of gaming is highly favoured by the generation known as millennials. 

It’s a type of skill-based gaming that utilises strategy, logic, and skill, of course.

The gambling mecca of Las Vegas is introducing more and more eSports venues, like the HyperX eSports Arena.

The younger generation seems to prefer games that reward good players instead of pure luck. This means operators now need to find ways to cater to this new pool of players. The lack of this may cause profits to plummet, and end in catastrophe for casinos.

Skill-Based Gaming

The introduction of new skill-based slot gambling machines is the first move by casinos to engage a broader demographic. 

Since slots are the biggest attraction, accounting for more than half of the space at casinos, this move makes sense. Skill-based gaming offers players the chance to increase their earning potential by emulating video and arcade games that rely on expertise and knowledge.

Video machines that include games like poker don’t quite cut it anymore. Video machines still fall under the umbrella of all punters having an equal chance of winning, which isn’t what younger players look for.

Las Vegas introduced new slot machines in 2015 that gave players higher rewards based on their gambling skills. Atlantic City did the same, but so far, no skill-based slot machines have gained more popularity than its traditional counterparts.

This doesn’t mean that skill-based gaming won’t conquer regular slot gambling machines in the near future, as our gambling expert Jordan Carry agrees. 

New slot machines in 2020 follow the same structure, and appear online and within brick and mortar casinos more and more. 

New Slot Machines in 2020

Many developers now have the opportunity to bring in new concepts. New casino game reviews from high authority websites like Play.Casino have seen an influx of new slot machines in 2020.

Let’s take a look at some of these below:

  • IGT

This developer employs a mix of skill-based gaming and traditional slots gameplay. Players can enjoy the usual slot experience and then choose the option of a skill-based bonus. Its games include Cleopatra Pinball and Fuzzy’s Fortune.

  • Gamblit Gaming

This developer solely creates interactive land-based casino games. It focuses on modern technology and futuristic devices. Its games include PacMan Cash Cashe and Deal or No Deal.

  • Next Gaming

This developer’s primary focus is on creating engaging games that consist of various levels and components. Its games include Asteroids and Bust-A-Move.


The era of sole traditional casino gameplay is slowly coming to an end. Cybersports is the new big thing.

The use of modern technology and the Internet in casinos means that games now feature more advanced systems and higher-quality graphics. 

Millennials prefer to play games based on skill as opposed to luck. Casinos have already begun introducing gambling machines that favour skill. Though these machines haven’t yet overtaken regular slots, the evolution of casino gameplay is apparent offline and online. 


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