Spring is almost here (finally!) and after a winter of lockdown, getting away for a bit is the perfect way to celebrate this new season. The spring season is all about new beginnings and starting fresh, so it is a great time to do lean into that and celebrate the season of a ‘fresh take’ personally as well! 

Here are 5 destinations outside of Manchester that make for a wonderful spring getaway: 

1) Blackpool 

Blackpool is the most coveted destination of 2021 and an iconic beach town in the North West. So now is the time to get started on planning your spring holiday here! You can use a rental search engine like Bluepillow to find Blackpool holiday homes at amazing prices, book your preferred spot, and really start imagining yourself on holiday in Blackpool. You can head to Blackpool Pleasure Beach while you’re here, go for a day of fun at the rollercoasters, have a classic dish of fish and chips, and stop by Blackpool Tower for a little sightseeing. 

2) Southport

Southport is a large seaside town with the classic Southport Pier, Southport Marine Lake, and Southport Pleasureland that are all worth visiting. It is long known for its history and golfing traditions, as well as the hosting of the Southport Flower Show, a now annual fair. There are also the Botanical Gardens if you want a break from the beach but still explore some natural beauty. Nearby Southport you’ll find Formby Beach, a must-visit to take in some more beautiful nature. It is a nature reserve and beautiful beach with sand dunes and plenty of space and stretch for a walk on the beach. 

3) Chester

Chester has beautiful Tudor-style architecture, cobblestone streets, the River Dee and incredible shopping, all of which draw a number of visitors to Chester every year. This is a beautiful destination to visit if you want somewhere charming, especially if the architecture and city is different than what you typically see in your area. It is what is considered a “traditional English town”, and it is a must visit for everyone! While you’re here visit the Chester Rows and Grosvenor Museum, as well as Chester Cathedral. And for an outdoor activity, stop by the Chester Zoo, which is home to over 35,000 animals! 

4) York

York is a walled city, founded by the ancient Romans, that is an especially wonderful destination for history lovers! While you’re here, you can visit the York Castle Museum (COVID permitting), climb up York Minster’s central tower for the spanning views, visit the 13th century Gothic cathedral, and wander throughout the town to find yourself at various views of the Ouse river. 

5) Buxton

Buxton is not too far from Manchester and makes for a great daytrip or weekend getaway. For outdoor activities, you can walk through and picnic at the Pavilion Gardens, and stop by a pub on your way out. 

There are so many places to visit outside of Manchester, these are just a few! Where would you like to go on a spring getaway? 


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