The pandemic has opened up career options for some people while shutting down options for others. According to a recent study done by Woke Hero, 41% of people are unhappy with their current career status or financial goals.

What surprised us was not that people are unhappy – it’s that in general, people feel they can be confident in their jobs and coworkers. 74% report feeling confident when interacting with colleagues. 68% feel they can speak openly and honestly with their boss. So why are people not happy?

Avantika Dixit, Clinical Psychologist and founder of Woke Hero believes people can reach their goals more quickly than they expect, and it has to do a lot with their current mindset.

“The science of happiness, Positive Psychology, has conclusively determined that optimism, gratitude and resilience are the most consistent predictors of high performance and success outcomes across lifecycle. Most hearteningly, while these may be natural traits of some individuals, these have found to be learnable skills rather than something you either have or don’t have. Evolution has obsoletely created a negativity bias due to which more people have their “wrong finder” turned on most of the time.

This has absolutely no benefit today. We can always find something to celebrate about in life, just like we can find things to be unhappy about. People who focus on their inspiration and aspiration goals also often focus on the solutions to reaching those goals, whereas those who focus on their lack of results tend to focus on the problem. A small shift in mindset with learned optimism and gratitude practices can help people find ways to reach their goals more quickly.”

(Avantika Dixit)

Woke Hero was created to help people overcome their personal limitations and find their inner hero, so they can be happy with their careers, finances and personal relationships.



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