The summer holidays are approaching, and with it you are faced with the possibility of a lot more freedom, and perhaps time spent with the kids and family. You may be intending to fill this time outdoors, relaxing in the sun, or the garden, maybe, but as you’ll already be aware, the British weather never makes any promises for sunshine.

If you’re faced with time spent indoors and looking for something to keep yourself busy, which can also be fun for the family, try out some of these ideas below. 

Make Some Home Ornaments

This can be fun to do with the family, or even just by yourself if you want to add some more personal touches to your home. You can get busy creating personal keepsakes such as keyrings, magnets or badges for the little ones. 

You can even order some products online to get you started: a badge making kit from Kyd Products means you can have the base layer of what you need and add your personal touch to it, such as photos or designs.

Choose your favourite photo to display in a new magnet for the fridge, or a keyring for your set, knowing it’s a unique item that you made yourself. 

Take up Knitting

Knitting is one of those hobbies which you have either openly considered, or couldn’t think of anything worse. Yet knitting is a great hobby for stress relief and relaxation, and keeping the mind occupied when you have some spare hours to fill indoors. 

Summer is the perfect time to start knitting, too, as the winter months will be next upon you, along with Christmas, and you can therefore have fun creating some woolly designs for the colder months, perhaps a scarf or two, and it’ll even allow you to create some unique Christmas gifts (if you’re any good at it, that is). 

You can even have fun shopping for different coloured yarn and being experimental with it.

Create Your Own Windchimes 

The great thing about this idea is that it can easily be done using many items you may already have around the house, such as paper cups, straws and spare metal items, such as screws from your toolbox. 

You can be as creative and fun as you want with this, using bright paint and beading if you so choose. 

It can also be a fun thing to create with the family, which will allow you to hang up the finished product and survey it proudly when a cool breeze next comes along. 

Make a Scrapbook

If your summer is set to be spent with many great excursions and experiences, you’ll undoubtedly want to keep a collection of great photos. Consider being creative with them and trying out an instant Polaroid camera, for instance, and sticking the photos in your very own scrapbook. You can write a summary of the day next to the photo and maybe add other items such as tickets and receipts left over from the days out. 


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