Windows are an integral part of a house and are found in every house there is. They are a source of light and air so that your house is not suffocated or dark that looks eerie. Windows are probably the most long-lasting feature in your whole house as their lifespan can vary from 18 to 20 years. If you are looking to replace your window or installing a new one, there are many things you can customize too. From the wood of the pane to the glasses and even the locks are available in much variety. Here are a few facts about house windows that you may not have known.

1.The Double-Paned Windows

You must have heard a lot that how important is it to get a double-paned window, but you may not be the reason behind it. The double-paned windows are most likely to be heat resistant, have insulated glass and airtight frames. Now all of these features are important in cutting the annual energy bills by as much as 25 per cent due to the reduction in leakage, broken windows, skylights and doors.

2. Know About the Window Rating

Most of the time windows have a rating sticker that tells how efficient and what factors that particular window bears. It is important to look out for them if you want a window that needs to have a specific feature. Here are the window ratings and what they tell us.

R-value: The R-rated sticker on windows tell how much insulation a window provides. It basically tells that the window is heat resistant and the higher the rating is, the higher the resistance.

U-value: U-value rating is the opposite of R-value as it promotes the conduction of heat in the windows.

Solar gain: The amount of heat that can be collected in the window is measured by solar gain. It collects the heat from the sun and transfers it to the room inside. It is beneficial in the winter for obvious reasons but not so much in a warmer season.

Wind resistance: This sticker means how airtight the window is and is measured in cubic feet per minute. The lower the number, the better the airtightness.

3. Using Skylights

Natural light always looks great inside the house. Skylights are one of the most effective and efficient ways to increase natural lighting in the house. They are easy to install and look good and they increase approximately 30 per cent more light than vertical windows.

4. Materials

The material for the windowpane is responsible for how the window will perform and hold up. The two most popular materials used in windows are wood and aluminum. Double glazed, triple glazed, bay windows, and more are made of them.

Wood is costly and require high maintenance and can also be affected by weather however it is a good heat insulator and will keep your room warm. Aluminum, on the other hand, is low cost and low maintenance option and it is strong so it doesn’t require much maintenance but is a poor insulator and it lets heat and cold seep in the rooms. Choose the materials with caution and knowledge in mind.

Also, you should use a Conservatory outlet for new or replacement windows.


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