Nearly one in three people will be voting tactically in the election according to research out today from BMG.

Thirty per cent of respondents said that they would be voting for the candidate best positioned to keep the candidate they dislike out of office.Just over half of respondents said they would be voting for their preferred whether she or he likely to win.

The poll was carried out on behalf of the electoral reform society who said the figures were a “damning indictment of Westminster’s anti-choice voting system”

ERS chief executive Darren Hughes said: “That one in three feel they have to vote for a ‘lesser evil’ should sound alarm bells for our democracy.

“Given the number of contradictory tactical vote recommendations out there this election is looking like a lottery under Westminster’s broken voting system – one where we all lose.

“It’s time for a voting system where you don’t have to second guess other voters but where seats match votes and these invidious decisions become a thing of the past.

“Voters want real choice and a strong voice – and the ability to vote with their hearts. That isn’t such a radical idea.


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