Trapped in a mountain of ice, Captain Walton’s ambition to conquer the North Pole stalls in its tracks. Out on the frozen wastes something stirs…wretched and barely alive, Victor Frankenstein is dragged on board. In his fever he recounts a tale of a young scientist, a man with soaring ambition, a tall tale of monstrous creation. In the horror of the story the ice breaks and the ship creaks to life, but is there one last chapter in this bloody account?

This spring the Royal Exchange invites audiences to step inside Victor Frankenstein’s nightmare in a brand-new adaptation of Mary Shelley’s incredible novel Frankenstein by playwright April De Angelis.

Published 200 years ago this literary epic continues to fascinate, providing a captivating insight into our contemporary world. Director Matthew Xiaexplores the complex issues of identity, society, responsibility, superiority and ambition in his fast-paced version of this unsettling gothic spectacular. Shane Zaza  steps into Victor Frankenstein’s shoes and Ryan Gaget akes on the role of Captain Walton.

Harry Attwell returns to the Exchange following his role in Twelth Night as Shelly’s tormented Creature.

A Royal Exchange Theatre production
By Mary Shelley
Adapted by April de Angelis
Directed by Matthew Xia

9 March – 14 April 


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