Manchester had, it was announced, now successfully raised two more battalions with the 8th now up to full strength “ the record is a capital one of which the city should be proud said the Evening News.

Playing at the Picture House on Market Street that week was a two part drama series, the derelicts, where death rather than dishonor was the choice made by a young girl whose employer persecuted her with his intentions.

The audience were also being shown pictures from Flanders showing a German ammunition train wrecked by bombs from a British aeroplane.

“The war will end when Germany is throughly defeated”, were the reported words of Lord Kitchener,

that the allies will win is certain but it will require the minimum period of three years.”

That was according to the American Journalist Irvinn Cobb who had interviewed him four weeks earlier.

‘ they are still fully confident but they have changed their schedule”said the reporter.

It was announced that the date of the execution of the Ardwick murderer Henry Brown had been fixed for the 9th, he was recommended for mercy but so far nothing is known of a reprieve being granted. He was granted a reprieve on the 5th Dec.

An inquest in Manchester alerted the public to the dangers of wearing shawls sin the street after hearing of an 85 year old women who was knocked down and killed by a tram on Bradford Rd.

The death was caused not by her being hit by the tram but of her falling over her shawl.The coroner called the practice of wearing the shawl dangerous, women were not able to hear the oncoming traffic.


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