When it comes to the food arena, London is brimming with new restaurants, cafes, and street foods at nearly every corner of the magnificent city — While some are overly fabulous, others…not so much. As the lockdown restrictions ease, many restaurants, old favorites, and new ones are doing their best to recoup their spot in the dining scene. But, with the sea of options in the restaurant category, it’s no surprise that you might be overwhelmed trying to settle for a perfect dining spot in the city. For this reason, we’ve drawn up the list below of the best restaurants to visit in 2022. Here’s where it’s hot in London right now.

1. Sri Lankan Street Food restaurant

The Sri Lankan street food restaurant is an award-winning eatery located at the epicenter of London’s tourist center. Although this restaurant’s servings are relatively small for their usual price, the Sri Lankan and Tamil Nadu dining experience is beyond words and will sweep any diner off their feet. It’s no wonder people keep coming back.

2. French Cuisine Restaurant

This French restaurant is one of the most exquisite and luxurious rooftop restaurants in London. Hiding its glamor a few stories up, it’s accessible by a plain and secretive elevator that’s known to few. The restaurant is strategically located within London’s financial center, attracting wealthy business people and entrepreneurs.

3. Vasco & Piero’s Pavilion

This Italian restaurant prides itself in providing impeccable Italian cuisine in the streets of London. After being in business for nearly 50 years, it’s still standing unrivaled, doing what they’ve always done — preparing quality fresh pasta for Londoners. Their signature is still as was before they changed their location to their new place on D’Arblay Street: white tablecloths, good pasta, good wine.

4. Session Arts Club

Session Arts Club is undoubtedly a magnificent artwork with stunning interiors resembling a rundown Tuscan villa, structured with glorious columns, cracked walls, and towering arched windows. It results from a collaboration of top chefs who do their best to ensure the Brit-Mediterranean menu is always available for hungry diners.

5. Viet Ngong

Although Viet Ngon is located in the outskirts of London’s tourist center, it’s definitely worth the visit. A top reason why this restaurant is renowned is for its value for money and fantastic service. The Viet Ngong location allows them to serve affordable dishes, focusing on Vietnamese specialty salads and soups.

6. Frenchie

Frenchie is definitely the place to head out when you need to chew fantastic food or simply to impress. Although the first Frenchie restaurant in Paris had an insane waiting list for a table, the new one in Covenant Garden has followed suit, but the waiting list isn’t that bad. However, you need to book in advance for a reservation.

7. Hutong at The Shard

Hutong is not only one of the best restaurants in London in terms of food, but it also delivers the best restaurant views. It’s definitely where I would find myself if I were searching for scrumptious Chinese food near me. Hutong’s food presentation is on another level and sure to impress any diner who prefers things on the spicy side.

8. Hawksmoor Seven Dials

Hawksmoor Seven Dials is the place to be when you want to bite into one of those delicious steaks and take some time off from the usual salads. The steaks at this restaurant are prepared to utter perfection and are a must-try whenever you’re in London. If you’re planning on visiting this joint, have a light lunch beforehand to create room for the enormous portions.

9. Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard place is famous for its button that says ‘press for champagne’ — and it does exactly that. That is usually a great way to start your evening, but the food is something else I tell you. Comprising an exquisite British/ Russian fusion menu to revive your taste buds with mouthwatering flavors.

10. Padella

Padella prides itself in its classic pasta that tops many other restaurants in London. No matter where you go around the city, nothing beats perfectly prepared pasta at Padella. This restaurant does pasta just the way most people like it, simplistically and absolutely delicious.

11. Blacklock Soho

Blacklock Soho is among the top fancy restaurants in London, lavish in all the right aspects, and acclaimed for its mouthwatering steak. It’s conveniently located whenever you need to dine before catching a show.

12. Pollen Street Social

Lastly, Pollen Street Social concludes our list as a sweet spot to catch unique dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients. It’s a famous eatery and offers a more unformalized dining experience, often anticipated by many Londoners.

The list of restaurants in London is exhaustively long, but the above are certainly worth visiting in 2022 to enjoy amazing foods with your loved ones or friends. Hoping now you are in the know!


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