Manchester Council are considering plans to demolish the historic Victorian Daisy Mill in Longsight.

The site of the mill, according to the minutes of the next council executive meeting, is being proposed as the location of a new secondary school, which will need to be built in response to projected increased demand for secondary school places in the central area of the City from September 2016.

The site, adds the report, is of sufficient size to accomodate a new high school and is also located next to a Primary School (St Luke’s), and Ardwick Sports Centre.

The development of a new high school on the Daisy Mill site would provide a significant regeneration benefit to one of the most deprived areas of the city.

The mill will have memories for the older residents of Longsight and Ardwick . Its hooter marked the “lunch ‘owr” for local residents. It operated as a cotton mill under the name Pownall’s until the outbreak of the Second World War and continued to be used as a base for the garment industry until the 1970’s.

Since then the council has used it as offices for some of their services and rented out other rooms for small businesses.

Picture credit Manchester History.Net


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