Over the last 12 months, the term ‘staycation’ has seen a 71% increase in searches, and the trend is set to continue as more holiday goers plan their holidays on British soil. In 2018, 57% of Brits holidayed within the UK, while more than half of 25-32 year olds planning to increase their UK-based holiday time.

In 2018, the number of Brits taking trips within the UK was 50% higher than those taking trips abroad. Further research also reveals over half (53%) of oversea travellers stated they’d be taking more weekend trips this year, giving a £31bn boost to the British tourism.

As the idea of the staycation continues to be less of a concept and more front of mind for Brits, research collated by Forest Holidays highlights why staycations will continue to increase in popularity for the foreseeable future.

Aside from cost, there is a multitude of reasons that Brits opt for a staycation rather than going abroad for their holidays:

Nearly A Quarter of Staycationers Are Drawn to the Countryside

Within the UK, a large portion remains natural, i.e. moors, forests, lakes, grasslands with the percentages of natural for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales being 14.5%, 23%, 70.7% and 35.1% respectively.

Countryside trips and city breaks share the top spot as the most popular holiday destination, with each favoured by 4 in 10 staycationers, with 1 in 5 people enjoy visiting the countryside the most.

Environmental Factors Are of Growing Importance for Holidaymakers

Younger generations are more conscious both from an ecological and sociological perspective. Searches for ’green holiday’ have risen by 42% in the past 12 months, 86% of global travellers say they’d be willing to offset the environmental impact of their holiday by doing things such as cleaning up litter.

Long Weekends Can Help Make the Most of Annual Leave

While 2 in 5 employees only used half of their allocated holiday leave last year, due to reasons such as the fear of falling behind at work or the guilt of handing over work to colleagues, a staycation can help with reconnecting with loved ones while also taking a break from work. Strategically booking annual leave can help maximise annual leave creating an opportunity for multiple mini-breaks and micro trips on weekends and bank holidays.

More Focus on Experience Trips

Today’s travellers are looking for more than just value for money when planning holidays, with 60% of travellers stating experiences are more valuable to them than material possessions. This includes holidays that helps them relive their childhood or boosts adrenaline.

Holidays in the UK Can Be More Affordable

Brexit uncertainty has had a massive impact on the value of the pound when converting into overseas currency, with 65% worried that the fall in value will drive up prices overseas.

The regions that UK holiday makers plan to visit:

With areas of such, Forest of Dean, Snowdonia, Loch Ness and the Lake District, over a third of Brits are exclusively looking to take trips around the UK instead of going abroad.

At the top of the list of regions, UK holidaymakers plan to visit South West England, home to the Cotswolds, an Area of Natural Beauty:

  • South West England – 31%
  • Scotland – 22%
  • Yorkshire and the Humber – 20%
  • Wales – 20%
  • North West – 18%
  • London – 15%
  • South East England – 14%
  • East of England – 12%
  • North East England – 11%
  • East Midlands – 6%
  • Northern Ireland – 3%


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