The United Kingdom is no doubt a place with plenty of history but it is perhaps more renowned for its football teams than anything else in England. For those wishing to travel to Manchester, you will not be disappointed. The city has architecture that few other cities can measure up to, while also incorporating other cultures within the city’s borders in restaurants and events alike. Anyone who wishes to visit Manchester and experience its finesse would be pressed to find the finest places to board, best places to eat and of course, the most interesting places to visit.

Places to Stay

When visiting Manchester, price of accommodation should not cast too much of a shadow on one’s budget. For sightseers, there is a boat-stay, where up to six people can be accommodated under one roof (boat), to be exact. This is perfect for visiting families or friends who wish to have an affordable yet new and interesting approach to accommodation while easily touring what the city has to offer. Castlerose Boat-Stay is located around inner city dwelling and in close proximity to restaurants. It is a perfect example of Manchester’s uniqueness. Of course, for those who would be more comfortable in more familiar settings, hotels such as the Crowne Plaza, Radisson Blu and Hilton offer the best in five star (and more) accommodation.

Places to visit / see

Manchester has a rich heritage and history as the mother of the industrial revolution. This heritage can be found in Town Hall, at the National Museum as well as the Museum of Science and Industry. A bus tour can be scheduled and your ticket would be valid for 24 hours. Lest we forget, this is the football capital of England so, there is in fact a Manchester United Football Museum for the football enthusiasts in all of us. Not too many people know this, but, Manchester is a city that embraces music talent and the Mancunians as they are known, have an arena that hosts music events, known as the Manchester Arena. This is in close proximity to The Northern Quarter, which as will be mentioned later in this complete guide, happens to be a prime location for restaurants, pubs and many other amenities. Incidentally, during certain times of the year, there is what is known as Manchester Beer Week. Aptly so, because it involves indulging in beer drinking, music and arts.

Places to wine and dine

No guide to visiting Manchester or any other city would be complete without a mention of the finest eateries in town. 20 Stories is located in Spinningfields, and lets one dine in the clouds so to speak. There are other options like Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, which are renowned for offering the best in fine dining. There are some spots that even offer vegan beers- yes, you heard right, vegan beers. One such place is Folk and Soul along Thomas Street. These may all seem too elaborate or pretentious for some but, there are many spots that offer simple cocktails and bites as well, most of which are locate within The Northern Quarter.

Places to Shop

First things first. Gifts are normally on the list of things to purchase when you visit a new city. These may fall under artifacts or a simple postcard. Oklahoma, which is also located in The Northern Quarter, is a store offering gifts as well as home ware. The store offers cards, books jewelry and of course stationery. Harvery Nichols, which also boasts the finest restaurants, has floors of exquisite and elegant products, from top-notch designers for those with a refined taste for unique designs.


We wouldn’t forget a guide on how to get around now would we? Not with all the places to see and things to do. Well, anyone visiting Manchester is in luck because trams are available and tickets can bought using an app (TFGM), while a full network of transportation services brings buses and trains into the mix as well. Park and Ride is an option as well, if one prefers not to drive and would rather hop on a train. Although major amenities are accessible on foot, if it proves to leave one a tad too weary, the list of transportation options listed above are more than enough to get you headed in the right direction.












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