The need to create video tutorials has grown like everything in recent years. This makes the processes that explain much simpler and faster. You can train teams in a short period of time, get processes started quickly, save time and money, increase profits, and do many more, depending on your industry. Screen capture and video recording of the screen however, is not something as simple as using the ‘print screen’ button in Windows. You need a special tool!

Recording the screen of our computer in video is very useful, for example, to create manuals or guides for applications, configurations or games or if we want to share our games (for example, tournaments) through social networks like YouTube. By default, operating systems are based on a tool that allows us to easily capture our screen in an image and save it in the computer, however, if we are going to record in video, it is already necessary to resort to special applications such as those let’s see next.

Until not long ago there were only a few applications for this purpose, applications that, in addition, were paid and very simple. However, nowadays we can find a wide variety of applications that allow us to record our computer screen in video, and even add annotations in real time during recording, both free (even open source) applications and commercial applications.

Most applications usually have similar features and functions, but not all affect the performance of the computer. For example, some can make us lose performance during our games according to the characteristics of the computer where we run it, so it never hurts to try several options until you find the one that works best.

Why we need Movavi

Movavi is one of the best free and open source options that we can find to record the screen of our computer in video. This application is mainly characterized by being very easy to use and allow us to easily record both from the screen of our computer and from an external video input, such as a WebCam, in addition to the voice with our microphone. This application allows us to save the video encoded with various formats and various operation systems. Even if you use a difficult operation system like Windows 10, Movavi provides you with Movavi’s screen recording Windows 10.

Movavi Screen Recording is a multi-function screen recorder, can be used to record streaming video, take any music from various websites, record video calls, assist in the process of making interactive tutorials and of course capture desktop screen. This powerful device is able to provide user-customizable video content, including multiple style filters, a variety of video effects and a variety of editor tools. Again, whatever format you use you can entrust everything to Movavi.

If you are a professional of course you need a professional tool too. A great tool like Movavi provides an intuitive interface, maximum adaptability in various applications as well as software integration with capture and editing tools.

Add voice

There is no built-in tool on your computer that allows you to record videos on screen especially if you use Windows 10. Don’t worry because Movavi’s screen recording Windows 10 allows you to do this easily. The use is as simple as selecting the area of ​​the screen that needs to be focused on.

Not only will you capture the video on the screen but it also allows you to add voice-over using a microphone. You can adjust various parameters, including video frame rate and voice volume, and also add titles. The tool also allows you to repeat the last recording.

Of the various advantages that have been described above, we can conclude that Movavi is what we need to do some activities related to screen recording.


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