These days health topic is at the core of any discussion – education, lifestyle, even your professional growth. In the pandemic times we live in, taking care of your health status is an agenda task for everyone. This article is not about Covid-19, vaccination or a detailed analysis of an immune system boosting food supplement. This material, though, might open your eyes to a health risk you keep feeding in your own house, in your bed. 

Mattresses, dear readers, are those elements in your interior that might be the key to a better health condition. We have the correct arguments to claim so, and all of them are confirmed by medical experts, including sleep specialists and WHO members. 

If you are about to close this page because you have a high-quality ultramodern expensive mattress with an aloe vera surface and an orthopaedic function, don’t nip off that soon. We’ve got some important news for you. Your mattress doesn’t do anything good for you if not being well-maintained. And the perfect mattress maintenance starts with decent mattress cleaning. If possible, make sure it is a professional mattress cleaning service in London on a regular basis. Here’s why:

If not being supported, a mattress loses its extras

How much did you pay for your first-class anatomic mattress? It doesn’t matter. If you don’t regularly sanitize it, eventually, its functions fade away, including the massaging effect you enjoy after a long day and a need for high-quality rest. The thing is that most of the mattress extras “lie” on their surface. But dirt, grime, dust and sweat you naturally produce with every nap you take destroy this surface.

Moreover – some next-generation mattress models are designed with unique cores to support the right body posture and the sick joints while sleeping. Unfortunately, cursory cleaning of your own and with materials at hand is not enough to reach the dirt and humidity stuck in this functional core. It’s the pack of professional mattress cleaning with steaming add-on and specially tailored industrial detergents that can adequately do the work. 

Your mattress might be infection outbreak in your home 

Mattresses are the favourite places for numerous bed bugs, mites and bacterial pathogens. They love getting stuck in your mattresses. It’s because they feel safe there. And you are the one that supports such safety. The less you deeply clean your mattress, the safer the microbes and nasty bugs feel day after day. And it’s not about purity and freshness put at risk only. It’s your health. Dusty, infected and humid mattresses can unlock allergic reactions, chronic diseases and respiratory system problems. Wiping out the mattress surface cannot stop that. Vacuuming it off with your domestic vacuum cleaner cannot control the spread of the bacteria, either. Your mattress needs a professional mattress cleaning service in London if you want a 100% guarantee for the destruction of pathogens and allergens. 

Bad quality of sleep is the reason why you are vulnerable to diseases

Let’s start with what a lack of qualitative sleep causes to our bodies. It’s simple. It causes stress, including oxidative stress, which means a weaker body capability to resist when a virus comes near you. Eventually, your immunity system loses its functions. Every bacterium you meet is another risk for your health condition. And every time you say, “I haven’t cleaned my mattresses for half a year, but I don’t have time for that, so I will do it later” makes the conditions of your sleeping zone worse and worse. The mattress wears and tears out. Your body is incapable of receiving the daily resting moment it needs. Your sleeping time reduces. And your health risks increase. Yes, a mattress that is cleaned rarely damages faster. And this is how it stops doing what is made for – to provide you with the healthy sleep you need to be strong and in top condition. 

We strongly recommend you inform about the proper care you should give your mattress via its producer’s instructions and guides. Find local mattress cleaning services to rely on. Never underestimate the necessity of healthy sleep and daily rest. 


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