Manchester Modernist Society and Manchester’s Metropolitan University  are on a mission to find the top ten 20th century buildings in the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester.
GM10 is a new project from the Manchester Modernist Society as part of the University’s Humanities in Public Festival (HiP) 2016/17.

The Modernist Society is asking for the public’s help to seek out their favourite examples of 20th century architecture and each week the selected buildings will be posted to the GM10 website (

Following the public call out for the best landmark 20th century building in each of Greater Manchester’s ten boroughs, the Manchester Modernists will lead a two-part bus tour of the chosen spots – with five buildings in five boroughs covered in each tour.

This year’s HiP festival explores the topic Greater Manchester and Northern Identity.

Helen Darby, from HiP, said: “Our events will act as a celebration of every one of Greater Manchester’s 10 boroughs and the different components of Manchester’s identity and they will also pose the question ‘what’s next?’ for our city and its neighbouring regions.”

Jack Hale and Eddy Rhead of the Manchester Modernist Society added: “From the Turnpike Library in Leigh, to the church of St Raphael the Archangel in Stalybridge, there are many 20th century gems across Greater Manchester, we’d love it if the public helped us find some that we didn’t previously know about.”


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