What are your financial goals in life? Do you want to successfully grow your wealth, enjoy a comfortable retirement, or pay off your mortgage in the most effective way?

If you wish to achieve specific financial goals, whatever your stage in life, financial planning and wealth management are important. 

Knowing where to start can be quite complex, especially if you earn a significant level of income. So, this article will provide some tips to help you find the right financial adviser for you. 

What is a financial adviser? 

First, it’s worth understanding what a financial adviser does. A financial adviser uses their knowledge and expertise to create a personalised financial plan to help you achieve specific objectives. 

This can involve advice and planning for a range of topics, such as the amount of money you need to save, the type of insurance you need, and efficient tax planning. They can also help you to understand complex issues when it comes to your investments, and provide investment opportunities. Choosing the right financial adviser for you, from the right wealth management company, can ultimately help deliver what you want out of life.


Whether you decide to choose an independent or restricted firm is a key consideration. You are likely to have varying needs, and so should look for an adviser that has multiple investment options. 

Some restricted firms only have in-house investment offerings. This can be beneficial in meeting your objectives as it ensures the adviser has a direct oversight of the investment strategy. 

However, in-house offerings may not always align with your needs. Depending on your requirements, this could mean that an independent financial planning firm would be best for you. They could offer you both in-house investment strategies, and the ability to select an alternative solution if appropriate. 

You may also want to consider if the firm has separate teams for financial planning and investment management, who are specialists in their respective fields. It’s unlikely that you’ll find an individual that is an expert in both. 


When looking for a financial adviser, you should also ask yourself if they can provide the level of service you require. The adviser you choose should be able to deliver a financial plan that suits your personal circumstances, needs and goals. 

As the financial challenges you face may be complex, you’ll want to be assured that the relationship with your financial adviser is built on trust, collaboration, experience and expertise. 

Full range of services

Nowadays, we’re accustomed to having everything in one place. Convenience matters. This should be no different when it comes to your money. A financial planning firm that has their own platform can be easier and more convenient. 

You should look for a firm that can offer: 

  • both financial planning and investment management
  • provide in-house pensions and tax wrappers
  • arrange insurance that’s suitable for you. 

Value for service 

It may be tempting to look for the cheapest option, but what you should really consider is the value demonstrated for the fees you pay. This may mean that the most expensive isn’t necessarily the right option either.  

By evaluating the financial adviser or firm, you can ensure you are opting for a high-quality firm based on value, and not just price. 

Disclaimer: Information is correct to the best of our understanding as at the date of publication. Nothing within this content is intended as, or can be relied upon, as financial advice. Capital is at risk. You may get back less than you invested.


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