Can you quite believe it – 20 years on and here we go again, turning to Ant and Dec along with a host of ‘celebrities’ to get us through those cold November nights? It was never going to the same though: a certain virus sweeping the world meant goodbye sunny Oz and hello windswept Wales.

With the action now taking place in an old run-down castle (that seems to have had less restoration work than some of the contestants), will location matter as the celebs battle it out to become King or Queen of the jungle? Does that title even stand now? Maybe ‘King of the Castle’, surrounded by a hoard of dirty rascals?

Location aside, what does it take to be a winner? With the statisticians at Betway crunching the numbers and analysing the facts, can we decipher the profile of the perfect campmate and see what it takes to lift the crown?

A quick look back 

They say, whoever they are, that by looking at the past, we can then predict the future. Pretty deep, hey? Can we take something so profound and apply it to the circus that is I’m a Celebrity? Well, let’s give it a try, shall we?

From Tony Blackburn to Jacqueline Josse. From Stacey Solomon to Joe Pasquale. Aside from flailing careers and a need for exposure, what do these previous Kings and Queens have in common? Well, nothing. Okay, maybe not quite nothing. With varying levels of annoyance, they all demonstrated an ability to keep us entertained at home. A willingness to get stuck in and, dare I say, degrade themselves all in the quest to entertain (and pick up a fairly decent paycheque to boot) saw them enter the realms of royalty.

Is age just a number?

With previous winners coming from varying age brackets, can we even attribute age to a would-be winner?

Having 9 previous winners aged 20-29, and only 1 over their 70’s, does this mean that I’m a Celebrity is a young person’s game? If it was, then it may make it easier to see what goes into making a winner, but alas, it is not that straight forward. With the remaining 9 winners coming from every age bracket in between, perhaps age is merely a number, one that has nothing to do with taking the crown.

The feminine touch 

With 4 out of the last 5 winners being female, have I’m a Celebrity viewers simply fallen in love with the prerequisite of an alluring shower scene, or is there something slightly deeper going on here? 

Do a lack of food, ongoing rows, and less than ideal sleeping arrangements mean that we are perhaps looking for someone who can ‘mother’ the other contestants. Someone to show caring and compassion in the tough world of Bushtucker Trials while all the time running the risk of having to pop a testicle or two into their mouths? 

We want it all

In truth, we suppose that we are a pretty demanding lot. We expect good looks, charisma, a willingness to get stuck in, the ability to diffuse a row, someone who can make us laugh, and maybe even a sob story thrown in for good measure. Whoever can give us it all is the one who has what it takes to be crowned. 

Some of the information on this post was taken from Betway. 


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