Nowadays, overseas students are taking a well-deserved holiday from their job and studies now that the autumn semester is finished and Christmas is only a few weeks away. Many students are going home to spend Christmas, New Year’s, and other popular holidays with their family members and friends, while many choose to stay in their student housing in London or Boston to enjoy or travel for a winter break.

So, if you are one of the former, we got very nice little tips and suggestions of what to do in your student accommodation to celebrate Christmas?

So without wasting any more time, let’s get right to it.

  • Start dressing your front door. 

Even though it’s not in your student accommodation in Nottingham or Chicago, a door decoration is undoubtedly a fun student housing room decor for Christmas. 

This is a nice one to attempt this season if you just want to be a bit imaginative or make your room more welcoming and recognisable! 

You may make do with what you currently have or go to the bargain shop for some inexpensive items. Grab some bows, stocking socks, and other Christmas decorations to dress it up. 

  • Design your own decorations. 

When you sum it all up, all of the ribbon, glitter and fairy lights you purchase to adorn your home student accommodation have a significant financial impact. So, why not take advantage of the Christmas season to explore your creative side? 

Make your own DIY Christmas decorations by raiding your nearest supermarkets or arts & crafts supply shop. You can find lots of instructions online, and you’ll enjoy the pleasure of displaying something you created yourself on your Christmas tree.

  • Do Secret Santa

If you’re having trouble coming up with the cash to purchase all of your buddies or housemates Christmas presents while also trying to figure out what to get your family at home, propose that your housing or dorm building have a “Secret Santa” gift exchange. 

You each choose a single person for whom you will buy a gift and set aside a day to unwrap them all together. It’s a terrific way to save money while simultaneously showing someone how much you care by thoughtfully selecting their present. 

  • Cooking in a Group 

Whatever Christmas meal you choose, you can make it very memorable if everyone participates. You may save money and put on a large spread by holding a group dinner. Communal cooking may significantly reduce the cost of a large dinner while also ensuring that it is equitable. Even if everyone contributes the same tiny amount, it all builds up to a reasonable grocery budget.

  • Assist at a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter in your area. 

Studies suggest that making other people happy instantly improves one’s happiness, so why not put that theory to the test? If you’re homesick and don’t know what to do with your free time, consider volunteering to help individuals less privileged than yourself. 

Most towns put on Christmas meals for those in need, and they’re constantly looking for more volunteers who can prepare the food. This is your opportunity to give something to your new neighbourhood while also making new friends. Understand that there are many other overseas students in your situation, so ask them if they’d want to accompany you. 

  • Party up


Student accommodations for New York or London parties aren’t exactly unique, but how about one with decorations? After dinner is finished and you’ve awakened from your eggs benedict coma, tidy up and have one final huge party with all of your dearest friends from university. Because the majority of you won’t meet each other until the new year, they’ll most eventually forget about you embarrassing yourself. 

  • Movie marathon

If you don’t feel like partying, you may still have some joyful social time the next day. Take the duvets into the living room in a group. Borrow someone’s TV, order pizza, and watch one of the numerous Christmas movies available on your preferred streaming site. 

  • Organise a Karaoke Night 

Who doesn’t enjoy singing along to Christmas tunes and carols? 

A karaoke party seems like the ideal addition to a winter bucket list for college students, particularly if you can get up a group of buddies and organise one on your own.

  • Write Christmas Messages

Our final Christmas dorm room decor tip is to write Christmas messages, whether in your dorm or in the student housing. 

That serves as both incentive and a nice reminder of the Christmas season, in our opinion. 

You could leave handmade notes on paper, write a message on notice boards, collect quotations and hang them.


The Holiday seasons are an amazing time; it helps us rejuvenate ourselves by reminding us that there are happier times, even on gloomy days. We hope this article helps you decide how to spend your holidays and don’t forget to enjoy them.

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