Café Rouge have reinvented the iconic French favourite – The Croque Monsieur! Why does an old favourite even need re-invention? To bring exciting new taste options to a familiar friend!

A satisfying mix of the old with a touch of the new:  #WhatTheCroque options introduce a sensational seafood twist or reflecting its vegetarian origin – it decadently spices up the traditional option with a drizzle of delectable truffle oil.

For those whom luxury is in the quantify there is the Croque Club. This is a chance to push the boat out with – roast chicken, crispy pancetta, baby gem lettuce with sundried tomato béchamel.

The new slightly decadent croque options are brought down to earth with the delightful simplicity of being served on great quality simple, sourdough. The simplicity of the bread is a great foil for these more luxurious toppings.

#WhatTheCroque, widens the choices for Monsieur and Madame!


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