Campaigners have issued an urgent appeal to help save an historic Tameside theatre.
The Theatre Royal in Hyde is an historic and architecturally important Grade II listed Edwardian theatre.
The Theatre Royal Onward Trust has been working for years to save and re-open the theatre for the benefit of all. Once re-opened the building would become a large venue, staging everything from corporate events through to live shows and many other commercial and community events. 

The Troxy Theatre in London has proved it can be done. Once run down and disused, it is now a successful, thriving multi-use venue. The Trust believes the Theatre Royal will bring the same economic growth and community benefits for Hyde and Tameside.
An options appraisal commissioned has confirmed this. In addition, the owner has carried out much of the essential work required on the building which puts it in a great position going forward. There is now a one-off chance to buy the theatre and Theatre Royal Onward has issued an urgent appeal for help. However, the owner has put a very tight time limit on the offer.
The purchase price is £250,000 and Theatre Royal Onward has until June 30th 2016 to raise the money. The Trust also needs to show that it has raised £87,500 by December 31st 2015 to keep the offer open. The deposit has been raised and paid and the group is currently in the middle of crowd funding the start-up capital.
Les Dennis, the well-known entertainer and actor, is supporting our efforts to preserve, restore and re-open Hyde Theatre Royal. Chairman John Gray said “Having Les as a patron gives the project and ourselves a massive boost. Although very busy with Coronation Street and other commitments Les said he would like to come and visit when he gets a break. His support is fantastic news and is very much appreciated”.


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