It is perhaps not surprising to some people that online casinos have much more in the way of game choice than land-based casinos; after all, casino websites do not require physical space to operate in. So, once a game has been created and launched, it can stay online regardless of its popularity. 

But not only do online casino have more games, but there are also many more variants of each type of game. For example, an online casino might have dozens of different roulette, poker and blackjack variants, whereas a land-based casino will normally host just the classic version. 

Below we are going to look at variants of a game where knowledge and skills are most required, blackjack. We will discuss the different variants you can find online, and look at their pros and cons to give you an idea of their merit before you play. Please be aware that most of these games can be played with real dealers live online these days, so the strategy you employ does count. 

Classic Blackjack 

Starting with the typical game you will find online and played by the cardsharps in casino resorts, classic blackjack has the basic objective of reaching as close to 21 as possible with busting. Rules will vary slightly, depending on where you play, but, generally, the dealer must draw to 17, and stick on 17 or above. Players can also split their first two cards, and double down (increase your bet) if they feel they have a winning hand. 


Pontoon is sometimes synonymous with blackjack in British parlance, but the games have important differences. For a start, pontoon is much more aggressive, allowing you to double down at any point in the game. However, one would argue that blackjack players have an advantage over pontoon players, as you can see the dealer’s first card in blackjack. In pontoon, the dealer’s cards remain unseen. 

Blackjack Surrender 

One for the highly-strategic players, blackjack surrender gives the player the chance to give up if they feel they will lose the hand. The cost of giving up is half your stake, so it is really is a case of cutting your losses. While this might not seem attractive, many experienced players are convinced it is worth it in the long run. 

Double Attack Blackjack 

The game is played with a traditional Spanish deck of cards, which differs from a normal deck in that it has 48 cards (there are no 10s). The double attack part comes when you see the dealer’s first card, giving you the option of doubling your bet if the dealer has an undesirable start. The game also offers a lucrative side-bet game, called Bust-It. Basically, you place a bet on the dealer going bust in three cards. If it wins, you can earn up to 200 times your stake. 

Progressive Blackjack 

Something that you will only find online, progressive blackjack is a game that has an added jackpot on the side. Sometimes this is awarded randomly through the use of random number generator software, whereas other times it is awarded through receiving a specific hand. The house-edge will be slightly nudged in favour of the casino to facilitate the jackpot prize. 

Quantum Blackjack 

Very much the new kid on the block when it comes to blackjack games online, Quantum Blackjack fuses technology and real gameplay to offer huge prizes. The basics of the game are the same as classic blackjack, except for the fact that the game is called a draw (a push) if the dealer busts on three cards. In return for this, you have the chance of turbo-charging your winnings by up to 1000 times. The game is hugely popular, but it is more risk for greater rewards. 



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