Four iconic tower blocks in the heart of Collyhurst are set to get a dramatic new look thanks in a seven million-pound makeover from Northwards housing.

Work on the tower blocks built in the 1960’s is due to begin next month. The blocks will get new windows, new roof covering, structural repairs and external cladding, which will make them look more attractive.

The transformation will also see new entrances installed in Humphries, Roach, Mossbrook and Vauxhall Courts in Collyhurst. We’re working with tenants in the area to find out if they want solar panels on the blocks, as well as deciding what colour the external cladding will be.There are also plans to bring disused bedsit flats back into the housing stock to provide more opportunities for tenants who are looking to downsize to a studio apartment.

Paul Maidment, head of home improvements for Northwards Housing in Collyhurst, said: “Our tower blocks are fast becoming desirable places to live. This new investment will bring them into the 21st century – making them warmer and greener. With fuel poverty at an all-time high, this work will help bring tenants’ bills down.


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