Greater Manchester’s British Cables Company based in Blackley has refuted claims by the GMB Union that it has sacked workers for raising covid-19 safety concerns

According to the GMB Union, Steve Saxon and Mark Vernon had expressed worries about management’s lax attitude to workers’ well being after a member of staff tested positive for Covid-19 in April.The pair also contacted their GMB union official highlighting several breaches of Government rules by the company.

However the Company says that it has not and would not dismiss employees for raising concerns about Covid -19do so.

“British Cables Company refutes the allegations and the employees concerned have been dismissed on grounds of gross misconduct. Appeal hearings are yet to be heard.”

A spokesman added:

The Company has an exemplary record on Health and safety of which we are immensely proud. This record is supported by 13 consecutive years of gold awards from RoSpa.” Along with several Presidents awards from the same organisation.


  1. Hi Nigel
    Have they given the reasons as to why it is gross misconduct Nigel ? You’ll be very surprised if they do tell you.

  2. This is disgusting that they seem to think can get away with this BT cables when employees are not told of a Covid case in work place ! So you go to another employees house to see if was true case ! When you are stood at the garden gate to ask ! Then to find out employee is in hospital with covid off his daughter ! Who is in the wrong here i wonder ! I would of done the same thing knowing it wasn’t safe to go in work want to be ashamed of there selves would be nice to know wot mis conduct is in this case


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