Faux hawk cuts for men have existed for the last one century and it seems these haircuts are renewing themselves every day. Since their inception in early 90s, there has been so many variants of this haircut to wear thanks to its great versatility.

Easy to style and maintain, the faux hawk haircut is almost similar to a mohawk but with some differences. Here we list some of the hottest styles that you can try this year for casual and formal occasions. Take a peek.

  • Wide Faux Hawk.

As the name suggests, this wide faux cut extends down to the whole of the head. It starts at the top and ends at the neck. Rather than using short hair on the sides, it usually incorporates a much wider and covered potions at the top of the head and then the hair at the lower part of the head is fade, to add texture.

  • Parted Faux.

The disconnected faux cut features a fade and highlights a sharper part that demarcates the hair at the crown from surrounding the manes at the sides. While the manes at the top are kept short haircuts for men, they can be retained at any length as long as the hair is perfectly parted. The hair at the sides show a gentle fade downwards.

  • Clean Cut Faux.

This haircut looks great on professional men who are on the go always attending business meetings as well as dinner parties but who still need to get the taste of casual look. short, clean and neat, this pretty versatile style can suit any man. The key is just knowing how to style it well.

  • Relaxed Faux.

Easy going, refined and cute, this haircut incorporates short hair at the back and the sides. The hair is styled loosely to give an impression of a relaxed look. The hair is also kept messy but still styled into a faux shape by using a spray or gel. It is hereat for guys who spend most of their time on casual gatherings.

  • Spiky Faux Style.

This style is pretty common among men and you will find it in seven men out of ten. The style is just as it sounds. Spiked. The hair is made to appear spiked at the top by use of gel. This look is one of the tallest looks of faux and can give any statement you want to reveal.

  • Layered Faux Haircut.

The main defining feature of this haircut is the texture. The messy hair offers you with a haircut that is full of texture, volume and dimension. The top manes are trimmed into to short layers and then perfectly styled to create one of the best informal faux cuts for guys.

  • Choppy Faux Cut.

Styled by the use of a lot of gel, this choppy haircut features great dimension and is high textured. it is a great style for both casual and formal occasions. The style incorporates the distinct chunks of short manes styled into a forward gust for attention seeking appeal.

  • Slicked Back Faux Cut.

Best for guys who need to maintain some length in the hair at the top. This haircut is a beautiful mixture of pomp style and a faux style. When these two styles are brought together, they give an impressive style.

  • Loose Faux Style.

This haircut incorporates a highlighted fade on the sides and mid-length hair at the top that loosely hangs to the right, left or front of the face. This look can be rocked for both casual and formal events.

  • Bedhead Faux Cut.

 This haircut is just as it sounds; a guy just got out of the bed, ran his fingers through his hair and then went out to start the day. It looks beautiful on guys attending college or a casual job.

  • Tall Faux Hawk.

For the men who like extravagant styles, look no further. This is an ideal style for you. The hair is trimmed short at the back and then gradually tapered taller toward the front to give the style a wave impression. As a result, it is a great style for night parties or guys who need to create some outstanding fashion statement.



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