Indoor plants don’t generally have to worry about rain or weeds growing around them taking their nutrients. In general, an indoor plant has life easier than an outdoor plant, although they still need sunlight.  

However, houseplants still face issues with bugs. There are several different bugs that will land on your living room plants and cause damage to the stems, leaves, and even the nodes. In short, they can destroy your plant.  

Fortunately, you can take steps to eliminate the bugs and protect your indoor plants.  

Soap & Water

This is a very effective option for many bugs, especially aphids. All you have to do is put a few drops of liquid soap in a spray bottle and fill it up with water. Then you can spray any plant that has a bug infestation. Don’t forget that a large infestation will seriously damage your plant’s ability to grow and can even disfigure the leaves.  

Avoid Overwatering

Many bugs are attracted to the moisture in the soil and the nitrogen you use in the plant fertilizer. A good way of reducing or eliminating this attraction is to make sure you don’t overwater your plants. Always water the container instead of the pot and allow the plant to absorb the water it needs.  

You should also avoid using too much fertilizer. Try to work out just what the plant needs and add that to the soil. This makes it less attractive to predators.    


You can help your plants to flourish by eliminating the bugs with very little effort yourself. Simply identify the bug and introduce a predator that eats the bug. For example, ladybugs enjoy eating aphids, a few ladybugs can clear up any infestation. 

All you have to do is identify the bug and you can find the right predator that won’t harm your other plants.  


You may be surprised to discover that a 70% isopropyl alcohol mixture will kill plenty of bugs. It is particularly effective when you are dealing with mealybugs. Simply di a cotton bud into the alcohol mixture and then dab the bugs lightly. The alcohol dehydrates them, killing them. 

It is worth noting that mealybugs can also be wiped away with your hand, but only when they have recently arrived on your plant.  

Neem or horticultural oil can also be used on a cotton bud to eliminate mealybugs. 

Sticky Traps

You can buy sticky traps in your local store and they are very effective at removing bugs from your home. However, it should be noted that the sticky traps will take beneficial bugs as well as the ones being a pain. They can even catch pieces of your clothing if you pass too closely.  

Additional Thoughts

The key to eliminating bugs on indoor plants is simply to check your plants regularly. The more often you check them the easier it will be to spot bugs and deal with them before they become a bigger issue. This will help to ensure your plants stay healthy. 


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