If you have chosen to go to university in the great city of Manchester, then congratulations, you now have three exciting years ahead of you in this vibrant and innovative place that is the secondmost populous urban area in the UK.

From the amazingly highquality restaurants, to its historical significance, to the fact that this city offers up unlimited chances for the perfect Instagram pic, keep reading to discover the top 7 things about going to university in Manchester and why you’re going to fall in love with thisbuzzing city.

1. It’s cheap

Well, not cheap, but let’s say affordable. In fact, Manchester is the third most affordable university city in the UK, being beaten only by Bangor and Nottingham. This means that you can still enjoy everything this vibrant city has to offer without blowing all your student loan in the first week!

2. You can eat like a king

If you judge a new area first and foremost by its local eateries, you will be pleased to know that Manchester offers some of the best restaurants the UK has to offer. Plus, don’t expect to have to pay London prices. The cuisine in Manchester provides much better value for money.

3. It’s party central

For those who love nothing more than hitting the dance floor and making some shapes, Manchester is the ideal place to be. Whether you love a bit of disco dancing, favour a more indie vibe or want to find a thriving LGBTQ community, you are spoilt for choice in the Greater Manchester area.

Not sure if this is going to be for you? Want to know how to socialise away from the nightclubs and house parties? You can take this quick Freshers personality quiz to discover exactly what type of fresher you will be and get advice on how to make new friends during Freshers Week 2020.

4. The music scene is incredible

Do you know how many iconic musicians and bands started off in Manchester? Oasis, Stone Roses, and The Smiths, to name but a few, and with its amazing gig venues including the legendary Manchester Arena you can enjoy your favourite bands and solo artists in style.

5. There is lots of green space

If you crave a little bit of fresh air and quiet contemplation every now and again, then you will be pleased to know that Manchester has lots of open green spaces for you to enjoy. Yes, you may have to venture a little bit outside the main urban areas, but you will be rewarded with stunning spacessuch as Vimto Park and Alexandra Park.

6. The Magic Bus

If you’re looking for a cheap and iconic way to get around the city, then look no further than the legendary Magic Bus. With fares as cheap as chips, make sure you get a student bus passif you’re going to use this service regularly.

7. It’s culture central

For those that like to explore the history and cultural side of a new place, there is plenty for you to see and do in Manchester. Start by heading to the Manchester Museum, which is a stonesthrow away from the University of Manchester itself, and then mosey on down to the Whitworth Art Gallery.


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