Manchester is one of the most iconic cities in the United Kingdom. It is home to Oasis, Manchester United, and Coronation Street, so there’s plenty to offer and the spirit of this magnificent city is bursting from every brick.

Visiting Manchester is an experience like no other, and if you want to make sure you get a taste of all Manchester has for visitors, read on to find out the top sights in Manchester that you just don’t want to miss.


Piccadilly Gardens is well worth a visit. It is the heart of Manchester and this place is bustling with tons of people, withwideopen spaces for you to sit down and relax.

In the centre, you’ll find fountains that are illuminated with bright colours, a perfect backdrop of your lunch (or for the kids to play in if you’re bringing some along). Around the outside of Piccadilly, you’ll find plenty of shops and hotels and the main bus station, from where you can get buses in and out of Manchester if there’s somewhere a bit further afield you want to visit, and the tram stop to get you around the city. There’s also a free bus service to travel around the city in, which is handy for those on a budget, but we recommend walking to allow yourself to take in the beauty of this wonderful city.

We recommend staying in or near Piccadilly Gardens so that you’re sure to be near the beating heart of the city, but anywhere around the city is a good call as walking isn’t too much of a task. We also recommend that you visit this website for hotels in the area, as they offer seven hand-picked boutique hotels which will suit anyone. With prices fairly high in Manchester, you want to make sure paying for a place to stay gives you quality, and 7 Boutique Hotels are sure to find you the best of the best without sacrificing tons of time and effort, meaning you can sit back and relax.

Arndale Centre

Who doesn’t love shopping? We’re not just talking clothes here – whatever your thing is, whether that’s games, tech, food, toys, chocolate, books, Arndale has it all, and plenty more! With popular shops such as Apple and Waterstones, you’ll meet the familiar stores you know well alongside a variety of Manchester-based shops such as Emily’s Paint A Pot. There’s also the Arndale Markets, filled with various stalls selling goods as well as food stalls selling a variety of cuisine, from Greek to Indian to baked goods! There’s anything you could ever dream of, and if there’s somewhere to get the ideal souvenir, it’s bound to be here.

John Rylands Library

Whether you’re a history fanatic or a bookworm, or just like seeing something different, John Rylands Library should be high on your list of priorities for visiting Manchester. Opened in 1900, this late-Victorian building is the definition of Gothic architecture, with high stone columns, large pointed archways,and intricate stone sculptures. It looks like something out of Harry Potter and this Hogwarts-esque hall is lined with rows and rows of bookshelves on each side and is filled with rare, hidden treasures, boasting a wide collection of rare books and manuscripts. There’s a reading room for those who want to spend a little quiet time here, and even the toilets are historic, adding a little hilarity to this incredible building. There’s also a gift shop, which isn’t too expensive and gives you the chance to purchase a little something to remind you of your visit.

Museum Of Science And Industry

This is a museum like no other of course, its rich with history and culture, but trust us when we say there are no boring exhibits here! There’s a variety of different things to see – the main museum holds a wide range of interactive displays for both little and big kids alike to give you a learning experience you’ll want to be a part of. The exhibitions change regularly so you can come back a few times and see what else they have on offer, so your visit will always be different! They also have different buildings as part of the museum – one of which holds huge trains and engines, housing the world’s oldest surviving passenger railway station, and the world’s first railway warehouse. There’s also a hall filled with planes and automobiles, from the English-Electric Lightning to the Japanese Kamikaze rocket bomb, throwing you back in time. They also have multiple rides and experiences here, including a virtual reality space mission with British astronaut Tim Peak, and the Fly 360 flight simulator, giving you an experience like no other.

Christmas Markets

Although this isn’t technically a sight, the award-winning Christmas markets in Manchester invite you into a whole new world, filled with stalls both international and local. There areover 300 different stalls for you to explore, filled with tons of goods including crafts, clothes, jewellery, gifts, and of course, food and drink. We recommend checking out the classic German bratwurst, and grabbing a spiced mulled wine, to really get yourself in the Christmasy mood – or if you’re feeling particularly indulgent, a Baileys hot chocolate is the perfect way to spend your evening.

They stretch across the whole city, and run from the start of November up until a few days before Christmas, giving you plenty of time to sneak in a visit. The most iconic sight of the Christmas markets is the giant lit-up Santa perched on top of the town hall, adding the cherry on the cake to the glowing festive lights and wooden stalls that line Albert Square. If you’re lucky enough to get to see these for yourself, visit during a weekday if possible, to avoid the mass of crowds, and make sure to try lots of different things all over the world, and maybe buy a few little souvenirs to take home with you.

Manchester is home to some of the best attractions in the world, and with this list, you’ll be able to make sure you see all that Manchester has to offer.


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