For clothing, nursing tops have a lot of responsibilities. They need to protect the wearer from infectious substances, keep them comfortable on shift and be durable to last the long and busy work conditions.

As there is so much to think about and get right when choosing suitable nursing tops, clinicians can often struggle to know which ones to purchase. That’s why Alexandra Workwear has put together this guide to the different types of nursing tops to help nurses choose the right one for their role.

Workwear guidelines

Every healthcare workplace has guidelines around what uniforms every clinician can wear. These will likely differ per role and dictate everything from style to the colour of the uniform. Therefore, before purchasing a new uniform, clinicians should always consult their workplace guidelines.

Scrubs or Tunics?

The first consideration nurses have when choosing their top is whether to opt for a scrub top or tunic top. Scrubs are often looser fitting and offer more freedom of movement, but tunics can look more professional and offer more support. For nursing tops, UK nurses working on wards in recent years have moved towards scrubs, but both types are still common.

Women’s and Men’s Classic Tunic

When you think about nursing tunics, these are likely the ones you picture. These classic shape tunics look like a loose-fitting T-shirt. Featuring a concealed-button front and a classic collar, this tunic remains a professional look. With two hip pockets and two chest pockets, it’s an excellent choice for nurses who need added functionality.

Lightweight stripe tunic

An excellent choice for both Men and Women who need to denote their role, the lightweight stripe tunic offers a subtle pinstripe design as a differentiator. Made from a lightweight 150gsm 65% polyester and 35% cotton fabric, this tunic is ideal for keeping nurses cool on long and busy shifts.

Mandarin collar tunic

A favourite among dentists and suitable for other healthcare professionals, the Mandarin collar tunic is smart and contemporary. Its shorter collar helps to keep the wearer cool, while back vents add ventilation and more freedom of movement – ideal for busy clinicians.

Scrub Tunic

The unisex lightweight scrub tunic is perfect for healthcare professionals. It’s hard-wearing and comfortable with vents at the side which offer a more snug fit against the hip. In addition, the design makes it roomy to provide the wearer with freedom of movement.

There are many different styles of nursing tops currently available to UK clinicians. From scrubs to classic or lightweight tunics, nurses can find the type that best suits them. By sticking to their workplace guidelines and choosing a top that offers them the features they need, any nurse or procurement staff member will be sure to make the correct decision.



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