The Prominent Football Culture 

One of the most popular talking points for people across the world is the football culture that is prominent throughout Britain. This topic will continue to be popular if it is surrounded by controversy. Nevertheless, one may ask why the football culture is so different from those witnessed in other parts of the world. Well, this mainly deals with the fanatic fans that are present in England. Furthermore, if you are to head over to Premier League matches over the weekend, the passionate rivalry between the fans is evident. Even though the chanting between the fans may seem abusive, it is all a part of the unique British football culture. Another reason why football is celebrated around the country is due to the simplicity of the game. Something that absolutely cannot be denied is the immense dedication, fervour and passion that surround these matches. It has become a way of life for British nationals. This game is sewed into their everyday lives. Hence, it is this loyal passion regarding the game that is hailed at all times. 

Manchester United vs. West Ham: The Background

Every football fan in England is greatly passionate about their favourite club. Therefore, this leads to a sense of rivalry with other clubs. One of the greatest rivalries in the English league is witnessed between Manchester United and West Ham. Since this rivalry runs deep in history, fans are emotionally involved with the wins and losses of the teams. Many times, there are violent encounters and clashes between the fans to prove their supremacy. In turn, this proves the passion that runs through every fan. During the recent Premier League, Manchester United again proved their supremacy by winning the fifth time in a row. Even though West Ham was playing in front of their home crowd, they were denied glory. This is mainly because they failed to secure the win. Due to this, Manchester United rose to fourth in the table by 19 points and West Ham, consequently, fell to the seventh position on 17 points.

Manchester United vs. West Ham United: Team Comparison

The rivalry between Manchester United and West Ham has been on-going for quite a quite a while now. Even though, the former team seems to have the upper hand, West Ham cannot be underestimated at any given point of time. Out of the 20 matches that have been played, there have been six draws. When it comes to analysing the wins, Manchester United claimed 11 of these matches, whereas West Ham was only victorious in three of them. Moreover, if the game play of the two teams is compared, West Ham scored 10 goals, and their opponents scored 11. West Ham’s shooting accuracy was 53.5 per cent, while Manchester United’s was 45.8 per cent. 

Possible Line-Up

Since Manchester United is scouring for another win as they remain unbeaten, they will attempt to bring out their best players in the match against West Ham. Since Ronaldo’s debut game was jaw-dropping, he has definitely secured his place in the upcoming match. Moreover, after his FIFA ban, Fred could also feature this weekend. Nevertheless, this will be no less than a surprise as it will be revealed on the match day. 

Match Facts 

  • West Ham is currently unbeaten in the last seven Premier League Games. This is their longest winning streak since they won 10 games between February and April 2016.
  • After leaving Manchester United, the current West Ham boss, David Moyes, has failed to win any of the seven games that were faced against the Red Devils.
  • Jesse Lingard, one of the prominent stars of Manchester United, was successful in scoring nine goals in his Premier League appearances on loan during West Ham’s last season. 
  • Since his debut for West Ham in September 2015, the Hammers have won 41% of their Premier League games in which Michail Antonio has started (56/137), compared to just 28% when he doesn’t start (25/90).
  • Cristiano Ronaldo scored six goals in his last four appearances for his prestigious team.

Football: A Celebration

Whenever these two teams play, it is no less than a proper celebration. There are a few things that can be done in order to make the matches between these two teams interesting. Some of these activities are:

Place Bets Online

One of the best ways to indulge in these high voltage matches is to place bets on your favourite team. Several sportsbooks have great online casino bonuses and sign up offers if you decide to test out your luck. The numerous deals and exclusive offers are sure to tickle your fancies as you select the optimal offer for you. Therefore, head online right now to enter into an amazing world of entertainment. 

Learn More about the Game

Since there is no end to knowledge, there are always new things to learn about this dynamic game. Similarly, before every Manchester United vs. West Ham match, one may spend this time to garner knowledge about the history and background of the rivalry and the previous matches of the two teams. This will not only raise your interest in the game, it will also ensure that you are well informed about the players and their backgrounds. Knowing about the teams will also help you make informed guesses about what is to come.

Play Games with Friends

Interesting football matches are the best when enjoyed with friends and family. During interval or other breaks, it is ideal to play games or other such fun activities that will aid you to keep your interest hooked. For instance, quizzing each other on football trivia is an ideal way to pass time.  

Therefore, a game between Manchester United and West Ham is going to be no less than a nail-biting thriller. So grab your drinks and enjoy a memorable experience of a lifetime that will stay with you for years to come!


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