Greetings! Today, we are talking about having weight loss surgery abroad. Why? Because for one reason or another  – long waiting lists, unaffordable prices etc. – it’s not always possible for those who need weight loss surgery to have it in their own country, as close and comfortable as that may seem.

So without further ado, here are some suggestions and tips of 5 countries you may want to consider when looking out for alternative options.


Germany is a solid choice for having weight loss surgery abroad. The country boasts high success rates, a wide choice of clinics and surgeons with tons of experience – all combined with comfortable accommodation. However, Germany is anything but a cheap country, so it might not be affordable for many people – especially if we’re also adding travel and other side-expenses to the budget.


France is a lot like Germany in many ways, offering a similar experience and quality of service. France is an excellent choice for weight loss surgery, especially since the travel times are very short compared to some of our next options. However, just like Germany, France does not boast great affordability, so whilst it may be cheaper to have surgery there than in some of the top clinics in the UK, the difference is not that great, and may still be way above many people’s budgets.


In this case, it’s less about the historical connections, and more about the low prices of both the operation itself and the medications needed afterwards. India is famous for bariatric surgery, and for very good reason: Money is not so much of an issue here as it might be in Germany or France, without having to suffer a loss of quality in the procedure itself.

Yet as you can imagine, despite all of its glory, India remains a far away country for many people, taking around 9 hours flying time to get there. There are also the cultural differences to take into account, all of these things can add up to a less than comfy option while in a fragile post-surgery state.


Not just a superb place for vacation but also a hot newcomer on the weight loss surgery market. Procedures in the United Arab Emirates are professional and cheaper than the UK private clinics, making this a new destination for people having their slimming surgery abroad. The only “buts”, as with India, are both the looooooong flight – which is approximately 7 hours from the UK, and cultural differences that may affect how comfortable you are when traveling with your partner. Also, the cost of accommodation can be pretty high for anyone accompanying you on the trip (which is most advisable).


Weight loss in Latvia is definitely one of the hottest options on our list. Why? Well, clinics in Latvia have been performing a high quality of service for many years, all at very affordable prices (a lot cheaper than Germany or France). In addition, the great number of surgeries performed means that clinics in Latvia, like have really high levels of experience in this field. When it comes to reaching the venue, you won’t need to take a world tour: From the UK it’s 2.5 hours flying time to Riga, which is a sweet little city, yet a grand hub of international travelling. The weather in Latvia is mild and there won’t be any cultural or dietary shocks (which is an added bonus for tourists, but perhaps not so much for before and after a major surgery!).

Weight loss surgery abroad is no longer some distant fantasy, with several solid options out there to look into. We leave off, hoping you got some ideas from this article and wishing you the very best in obtaining the best life for YOU!


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