The unemployment rate for people with disabilities is much higher than the national average. Those who find jobs often work in the minimum wage, low-skilled positions that can’t provide a living wage or benefits. This blog post offers tips to help you find better jobs for those with disabilities.

1. Check with Local Organizations

Several local organizations help people with disabilities find jobs. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce or disability job services office to learn more about these organizations.

2. Strategic Networking Works

People who’ve had problems finding employment will want to build networks to help secure jobs. This might include social media friends (on sites like Facebook), professional contacts (in career fields like accounting or marketing), online groups (who focus on supporting community involvement programs), friends made through activist organizations, or others who are willing to help.

3. Volunteering Can Help

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience and contacts in the workforce. It can also lead to employment opportunities. Many employers like to see a history of volunteerism on resumes as it suggests that potential employees are compassionate, community-minded individuals.

4. Use Technology and Resources Wisely

Many resources are available for people seeking jobs, including those with disabilities. Utilizing technology can be a great way to connect with potential employers. Sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Craigslist all offer ways for people to search for jobs and upload their resumes. Many resource centers provide computers with the software installed (like Job Access with Speech) to help people find better jobs.

5. Seek a Mentor for Guidance

People with disabilities may want to seek out mentors who have already mastered the job application process and can offer guidance along the way. A mentor could also recommend ways to improve resumes, handle interviews, and move towards finding better jobs in general.

6. Attend Career Fairs and Job Fairs

Career fairs are a great way to meet employers and learn about job opportunities. Many career fairs have a section specifically for people with disabilities. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce to find out about career fairs in your area.

Job fairs are a great way to meet potential employers too and learn about job opportunities. Many job fairs have a section devoted to jobs for people with disabilities.

7. Check Job Boards

Job boards are another great way to find jobs. Several job boards cater to people with disabilities, such as Disability Jobsite and Job Accommodation Network. You can also check the websites of companies that you are interested in working for and see if they have any open positions.

8. Stay Positive

Finding a job can be frustrating, but it is essential to stay positive. Keep looking for jobs, and don’t give up. With perseverance, you will eventually find the right job for you.

People with disabilities need to be proactive in their job search. There are many ways to find employment, and with a bit of effort, anyone can find a job that meets their needs.

Now you should know some tips on finding better jobs for your clients with disabilities. Good luck job hunting. And remember that no matter the kind of disability you have, there is always a place for you in the workforce.


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