It’s common knowledge that incorporating games into your charity event can effectively raise more money and drive awareness to your noble cause. Creating a successful charity game event, as always, takes more than a team of reliable supporters or donors to ensure the event runs smoothly – and can meet all your financial goals. You also need to plan and organize everything from start to finish.

The good news is that when you have a few reliable tips on your sleeves, planning and organizing a successful charity event becomes second nature – and for a good reason.

Decide on a date and venue

Where do you want your event to be? Choosing on a venue, and booking a date in advance, ensures your peace of mind it’s guaranteed. If you’re going to pick a stadium or an arena, find out in advance how much they charge for hosting a charity game event. 

Often, such facilities charge a standard rate fee. However, the rates can change depending on the purpose of the events. So, explain the purpose of your event and try and negotiate a good deal. You never know, rates are probably lower for charity games raising money for worthy causes.

Pick a great charity game

You have a lot of options when deciding on the ideal sport for your event – basketball games, a football match, and golf tournaments, what will it be? 

To choose the right game for your charity event, it’s important first to know who your audience is – or rather, who are your existing supporters? And what noble cause are you raising money for? The answers to these questions will help you pick a perfect game that can attract more donors. And create a wonderful experience that helps raise money for your noble cause.

Advertise the event early

Once you have the relevant details in place – date and venue and the perfect event game – now start advertising or promoting your charity event. Do this early to give you ample time to prepare and notify all your existing donors. It’s recommended to start advertising an event three weeks to a month in advance.

Advertising can include printing out flyers and pinning them in public areas and local malls. Make sure the content in your flyers clearly explains what the charity event is all about, and why people should support your worthy cause.

You can also approach your local media outlets and ask them if you can advertise your charity event. Of course, they’ll charge you a fee for that. But that’s why planning and organizing your charity event well is one way of getting things right the first time.

Remember to take advantage of social media networks, too, and word-of-mouth advertising to spread about the awareness of your charity event. And the cause you want people to support. While the above tips are important, don’t forget to decide on how to raise the money. Are you planning on collecting donations at the gate? Or will players pay a participation or entrance fee? Decide on that.


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