A Timperley woman has been jailed after police exposed her involvement in a County Lines drug operation.

Sophia McAllister aged 25 of Bowker Court, was sentenced to 30 months in prison yesterday

Greater Manchester Police conducted a covert investigation into a dedicated telephone line suspected of dealing Class A drugs from April 2023 to August 2023 operating in the Trafford area.

This linked directly to McAllister in Altrincham specifically and paid for by an account in her name.

The phone line was busy and flare messages around “CLEO! FIRE! ON! DEALS! ABOUT ALL DAY!!!!!!” were sent on regular occasions as bulk messages during a small-time window which would advertise the drugs line was active.

With follow-up messages replying “yh” to “u about”. Further confirming officers instincts it was acting illegitimately.

This phone line during the four months it was active sent out over 3,500 text messages and received over 2,500 messages in return, with calls being made nearly hitting 2,500 and 6,500 incoming.

She was charged back in August 2023 around the concern in the making of an offer to supply quantities of Class A drugs through a dedicated ‘CLEO’ drugs line after an initial arrest at an apartment.

A search conducted shortly after located the mobile phone within the living room along with quantities of crack cocaine and heroin in the kitchen area.

PC Andy Shaw of Greater Manchester Police’s Serious and Organised Crime Group County Lines team said; “County lines drugs operations can have severe consequences to the community and we will continue to monitor and track using our cover techniques to uncover individuals and groups who are involved in serious and organised crime.

“Our joint approach to tackle this type of criminality continues at pace as we assess the threat, risk and harm drugs have on individuals and our communities. We will continue to act on all intelligence received and rest assured we are determined to make sure those who disregard the law will face justice.


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