Manchester is one of those cities where it seems like there’s always something going on! Whether it’s music festivals or art exhibitions, there’s plenty to do in Manchester. The best thing about living in such an exciting place is that there will never be dull moments. So if you’re looking for something to see and places to go when visiting Manchester, then keep reading because we’ve got some great ideas for you. But here is the list of Things I Didn’t Know About Manchester 

1) Vegetarianism 

John Gorst opened the first vegetarian restaurant in 1847 at St Peter’s Square, Oxford Street. It wasn’t until the 1970s that vegetarians were accepted into society. They weren’t even allowed to eat meat during their wedding ceremonies. Today, however, more people than ever before are choosing to live without eating animals. There are now over 100 vegan restaurants across the UK alone. And with so much choice available, vegans can enjoy all sorts of delicious food from around the world. 

2) The First Football Club 

Football is believed to have originated in England. Back in 1863, Charles Alcock learned how to play football while studying law at Cambridge University. He later taught his skills to other students and thus founded what would become Sheffield FC. This club eventually became part of the FA in 1888. One year earlier, another team named Newton Heath LYR played its first match. However, no records indicate whether these two teams had anything to do with each other. Many believe that both clubs took their name from the area: “Newton” refers to the district of Newton-le-Willows, while “Heath” comes from Heaton Norris, which lies near Oldham. As far as we know, though, none of them came up with the idea themselves. 

3) First Public Library 

In 1752, Dr. Thomas Johnson began collecting books in Manchester. His goal was to build the most extensive library in Europe. By the time he died in 1773, he’d amassed quite a collection. Unfortunately, after his death, the display started shrinking rapidly due to financial difficulties. At present, only 20% of the original group remains. This led to the founding of Mancunian public libraries in 1838. The collections grew steadily throughout the 19th century, and today, there are nearly 1 million items held within the system. That makes it the most significant municipal lending library in Britain. 

4) Oldest Pub Signs 

It takes us back to 1668 when George Fox built the White Horse Inn in Cheetham Hill. Since then, pubs haven’t changed too much, but little details matter. For example, old signs help customers identify the pub quickly. The most senior surviving sign still hanging on a building is a pub called “Ye Three Tuns,” located in Clayton Road. It dates back to 1597. Nowadays, Ye Three Tuns serves traditional British dishes and offers free WiFi access. 

5) Largest Outdoor CinemaScreen 

If you thought watching movies under the stars requires expensive equipment, think again. You don’t need fancy movie theaters or cinemas to view your favorite films outdoors. All you need is a large screen and a projector. With the advent of digital technology, home cinema systems have been able to produce high-quality images. Some companies even use projectors capable of producing 3D imagery. So if you want to catch some epic scenes, look no further than one of the many open-air screens across the country. 

6) Canal 

Manchester has always been important for trade, especially since the Industrial Revolution. But did you know that Manchester’s history goes way beyond mills? Before moving onto our modern era, Manchester used to be an integral stop along the Grand Union Canal. Traces of this historic route remain in various places across the city. If you visit the Central Museum, make sure to pay attention to the Geographical Map section. Here, you’ll find the most extended surviving canal map in the world. Just like so many things, though, this route disappeared over time. And now it’s just a pleasant place where people go during leisure hours. 

7) Famous People From Manchester 

We’ve got a few celebrities who call Manchester home. Did you know that Tom Hardy hails from Chorlton cum Hardy? Or that Gary Barlow spent his childhood years living around Oxford Street before relocating to London? There are lots more celebrity faces scattered through Greater Manchester. Take a peek! This list isn’t complete, but we hope it will inspire you to explore the region even more. 

8) Oldest Building In England 

The Bridgewater House at Bridgewater Place was completed in 1840. Its architectural style reminds us of Italianate buildings. Inside, visitors can enjoy a restaurant, bar, cafe, gallery, shops, and offices. As far as its age is concerned, the house itself wasn’t constructed until 1913. However, the land upon which it stands belonged to Sir Francis Dashwood between 1784 and 1800. He paid £2300 for construction costs. Even though The Bridgewater House is relatively young, it replaced another structure known as Bridgewater Palace. That building had stood on top of what was once Prince Albert’s garden. 

9) World’s Largest Clock Tower 

This tower dominates Piccadilly Gardens. It took almost 30 years to build and cost about $1 million. When finished, it measured 1,000 feet long with 72 steps leading up to the entrance. Visitors could enter the clock chamber via two separate staircases. One led to the upper level while the other brought them down to the lower floor. On each landing, there was a small room containing clocks. John Harrison made these. His invention allowed ships to travel faster without losing too much speed.  

10) Most Popular Attraction For Tourists 

Did you know that Manchester attracts millions of tourists every year? According to VisitBritain, nearly 7.5 million people visited Manchester last year alone. They came here because they wanted to see the famous Trafford Centre. Located near Deansgate Station, this shopping center offers plenty of retail space. You’re also close to restaurants, bars, hotels, museums, parks, and theatres. So if you want to spend your vacation seeing some sights, then head to Manchester right away. 


Manchester is full of surprises. Whether you’re looking for culture, nightlife, food, or fun activities, you won’t have any problems finding something interesting. Plus, when you stay in Manchester, you get free WiFi access. All these factors combine to create a unique experience. So why wait? Book your flight today and travel to Manchester! 


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