Working in the tech sector is a compelling option in the UK, since its rapid growth is helping it to outpace the stagnant economy, with many roles offering ample options for career progression, even if salaries are not entirely competitive.

If you are already part of the industry and want a change of pace, or are a newcomer looking to get your foot in the door, you might struggle to work out where the top opportunities lie. So what are the best ways to find and secure a dream job in tech?

Hone your Skills

Most tech firms that are looking to hire the brightest sparks are flooded with applications whenever a position is made available. That means you need to work hard to stand out from the crowd.

One of the best ways to do this is by demonstrating an impressive aptitude for attaining and developing skills, whether or not they are directly relevant to the job that’s on the table. For example, it is perfectly reasonable to work on your hacking abilities and look at how these can be used to benefit businesses, especially if you want to work for a penetration testing company like

Of course you do not have to acquire tech skills in an autodidact fashion, as there are hundreds of courses available for ambitious individuals which can give your CV that extra spark it needs to be attention-grabbing.

Look outside London

While London is without a doubt the UK’s economic heart, playing host to some of the most significant tech employers in the country, it is also a good idea to expand your horizons and consider roles in other cities. That way you will not miss a dream job if it happens to crop up away from the capital.

From the Silicon Fen of Cambridgeshire to the growing tech scene in Manchester, there are plenty of places to consider, with a raft of established firms and start-ups looking for fresh faces to add to their roster.

Keep Trying

Since there is often a lot of competition surrounding the most sought-after jobs in UK tech, it is important to not get disheartened if your first, second, third or even 20th application is not successful.

Persistence is key and you should always take an interview if it is offered, even if you do not feel that the role is right for you. Just having this experience up your sleeve and remembering to learn from your mistakes will put you in a better position to triumph further down the line.

Be Realistic

While keeping your chin up can eventually lead to a rewarding job in the UK’s tech sector, you should also try to adjust your strategy if you keep hitting a brick wall with the applications you send out.

Sometimes it may be easier to go for a more junior position and work your way up within the firm to get to where you want to be, rather than shooting for the stars straight away and falling short time after time.

Having a level-headed approach to the job hunt will let you set realistic goals and ultimately achieve them. Forgetting this will only lead to frustration.

Get Advice

There are lots of ways to find and secure dream jobs in tech that go outside the traditional employment infrastructures. For example, if you’ve got contacts in the industry already, keep in touch with them, put some feelers out and see if there are any suitable roles on the horizon that have yet to be publicised.

Turning to experienced insiders can also help in terms of pointing you in the right direction. A mentor higher up the food chain is worth having, so try to find someone who will support you in your career ambitions.

Do your Research

Sometimes a job that looks incredible from the outside is actually far from ideal once you actually get started.

This is why it pays to research any prospective employers, find out what they are like to work for and whether a role will be worth pursuing as a result before you start to get excited.



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