When it comes to choosing your wedding invitations, it is a personal and sentimental choice, as every couple has their own vision of what they want their invitations to convey.

Hopefully, at the point of choosing your invitation, you will have already made a number of key decisions and choosing your wedding invitations will seem pretty small by comparison.

However, in most cases, wedding invitations are the first thing that your wedding guests will receive, and they therefore feel like a really important aspect.

When you’re in the midst of planning a wedding, it can feel as if there are a million and one tasks to achieve, and it can be helpful to have some guidance and tips for getting through the process.

In this article we will offer some tips and tricks for choosing your invitations and suggest ways that you can ensure it is one aspect of your wedding that it all goes without a hitch (you can also find an abundance ideas and order personalised wedding invitations here: https://www.brideandgroomdirect.co.uk/wedding-invitations)

Define your wedding style

It’s important to ensure that you don’t put the cart before the horse when it comes to choosing your wedding invitations. It can be really easy to get carried away with the excitement of it all, but make sure that you have your theme or style in place before you chose your invites.

This can be the colour scheme or even an overall theme of the wedding day.

A few months ago, I attended a celebratory festival themed wedding and we were all sent lanyard invitations. It was something that I had never seen before and because it made clear the theme of the wedding, it made me excited for the big day.

Cleverly picked invitations will give guests an insight into your wedding and start to show off your style.

Be untraditional – play around with shape and size

The festival example referenced above is an excellent example of how a wedding invitation has been played around with and redesigned to create something that is modern.

If you have a theme, then it will be really easy to design an invitation that suits the vibe that you are going for.

However, there is a time and a place for traditional invitations, but that doesn’t mean that there is one size fits all type of invitation.

Even if you don’t have a wedding theme, try playing around with the style, shape or colour of your invitation. This will help you to create something that stands out from the crowd and will catch the attention of your guests.

Plan ahead

If we were giving you overall tips on wedding planning, the number one rule would be to create a timeline of your wedding day, and this tip still applies for invitations.

Before you even start to think about what kind of invitation you want, decide when you want to have sent them out by. This will help you have a delivery and order date in mind, and you can then plan around it.

As we mentioned earlier, planning a wedding can be stressful, so save yourself worry and plan everything out.

Order enough – and then some more

When you send out your wedding invitations, it will probably be a few months before the big day and let’s be honest, a lot can change in that time. For that reason, it is always useful to have a few invitations spare, just in case there are any familial changes or additions that need to be made.

This is especially important if you are having them handmade, as you don’t want to find yourself short and unable to get your hands on any more.

Ask for replies

The best weddings are the organised one’s and there’s not much point in sending out invitations, if you’re not going to ask for a reply. Most invitations will include a RSVP slip but why not explicitly ask for a reply?

This will mean that you can more accurately sort your seating area, ensure that nobody is forgotten and avoid any over ordering.

Gift guide

Tradition has dictated that wedding guests should offer some kind of house gift for the bridal couple. However, these days, most people will have bought themselves the traditional household essentials and that can add an extra burden on the gift buy process.

Hopefully, you will have already created a gifting policy – whether that be asking for monetary donations for your honeymoon or house building project or a gift suggestion list – and it’s worth including this in the invitations. Make it explicitly clear that you have a strategy in place and that you’d rather people either buy off the list or not buy off the list, whatever the case might be.

This will ensure that you avoid any awkwardness and allow you to get ahead of the game.


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