The major golf season is deep into its schedule with the US Masters and the PGA Championship having run their course, although the US Open and the highly anticipated Open Championship will arrive in early summer.  

The Grand Slam events in which the greatest players compete alongside each other undoubtedly offer the greatest viewing experience of the sport. However, for some people, watching extraordinary talents in prestigious events inspires them to take to the green themselves which is the ultimate way to experience golf.  

The Top Golfers Constantly Inspire Newcomers to the Sport 

The leading factor behind newcomers to the sport is undoubtedly the elite players that are showcased at the major events. They inspire people to take up the sport with their exceptional consistency and jaw-dropping performances on the highest-pressure stage.  

In 2024, the standout players that will be inspiring a new generation of amateur golfers include dominant world number one Scottie Scheffler. The American has already won the Masters this year and is the favourite in the US Open golf odds at 9/2 to achieve further glory. 

If you bet on golf, you may know that his strongest opposition this year is Rory McIlroy at 10/1 – being British as well as one of the top players means he especially has a draw on fans across the nation partaking in the sport.  

The elite players simply play a massive role in increasing the demand for golf courses across the United Kingdom including Manchester which is a particularly sports-centric city.  

Golf may not be the most popular pastime in the city, but there are plenty of stunning venues where the sport can be practised.  

The Best Venues to Play Golf in Manchester 

Manchester Golf Club is without doubt one of the most scenic locations to play golf in the city and it also offers a well-thought course layout.  

The course features undulations throughout which could perhaps allow amateur players to get an understanding of the highs and lows Scheffler had to conquer in his US Masters victory at Augusta National back in April.  

Conveniently located in the north of Manchester and easily accessible from the city centre, it is an ideal venue for amateur players to put their skills to the test on a high-level course.  

Worsley Park Marriott Hotel and Country Club is an alternative golfing location in Greater Manchester that offers a course that was purpose-built to abide by professional USGA regulations.  

This venue is ideal for players who have some experience of playing the sport that they are looking to build on by utilising a court that is fit for the pros. Worsley Park Marriott has hosted a wide range of high-calibre events throughout history, including the regionally prestigious Manchester Open. 

For anyone who wants to play golf at a club that has genuine pedigree within the sport – like the professionals do week in, week out – this is ideal as it offers the most authentic experience of an elite-level environment that fans based in and around Manchester can get.  

Ultimately, the greats of the game will always be the driving force behind inspiring newfound love for golf, and similarly, the leading venues to act on that inspiration will not change.  

In Manchester, the greatest locations to play the sport have been in place for over a century. They were built either to satisfy or emulate a professional golfing environment which makes fans in and around the city incredibly fortunate to have excellent courses just a short venture away.  


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