Competing against the major players is always a challenge for small independent firms operating in a crowded marketplace.  Each one has its own strategy to do it, but if we could summarize the secret formula in a few words they would be hard work, adaptability and always aiming for quality. Thanks to the digital transformation and the rise of online applications like Sinnaps that teach and help to plan projects in the same professional way as large companies have been doing for a long time, small businesses in our city are now able to plan projects at a few cost and without having professional project managers within their teams. Undoubtedly, the use of a suitable project planner scheduler greatly increases the competitiveness of small businesses. And so we see it every day in many startups in Manchester. Today we tell how some SMEs located in this area make a difference and compete in a larger companies market.

Web apps for professional project management tools, the key to success

Small businesses can now manage their projects like big companies do thanks to the innovative web apps which offer the same services than a powerful software but in a more accesible and affordable way. These online apps are easier to use than specialized software, and thanks to them the small business can improve the management of their projects by managing resources and predicting risks in the same way than big companies.

This makes taking measured risks easier, which brings some positive results that help small companies grow and succeed the uphill battle against larger competitors. Until now, taking calculated risks and experimenting new capacities within the business was a ‘closed shop’ only available to big companies with even bigger budgets. But thanks to the new online professional project management tools, small business can do it too, since they allow cost management and resource optimization. Thus, they can know at all times the balance of costs and optimize time accordingly, so that the work is as effective as possible and always fits the budget. In addition, these apps also let them manage the possible risks by giving them the chance to create different scenarios and see how the changes could affect the project before they happen.

Thus, this kind of apps not only make the development of the projects easier and enhances the chances to compete against larger companies, but they also provide a great set of benefits. Thanks to their simple interface, they allow the small business to focus on their daily work rather than having to waste time learning how to use the management and planning tool. In addition, they usually have a direct chat service with the technical service to solve problems immediatly.

Another advantage is that these apps are affordable. The price is reasonable and they often opérate by monthly subscription, so companies can subscribe and stop using them according to their needs.

Plus, these apps have integrated online communication to work as a team with freelancers or geographically dispersed employees, which makes communication faster and easier. The apps also generate online reports on the status of projects that can be tracked through professional techniques easy to understand for any company –whatever the size, and without spending a lot of time on it.

More resources that help small business to stand out from larger competitors

When competing in a crowded market, companies need to make sure they clearly outline why customers should choose them over all their other options. Caring in the choice of the product, a wonderful tech support available to customers, or a unique buying experience are some of the secrets to success.


As well as focusing inwards, small businesses need to look to the rest of the country for economies can help them thrive. For example, Manchester’s tech culture pairs well with London’s financial centre, and working with other businesses outside of the city will help those within to continue going from strength to strength.

Getting support for their projects and startups

There are more than 164 SME entrepreneurs that have gotten funds from the Innovation Optimiser –the startup incubator programm of the University of Manchester, and there is also the option to get support for budding businesses via Manchester Youth Market, an initiative focused on encouraging 16 to 30 year old residents of the city to make a go of their entrepreneurial ideas.

Using the right tools for effective management

Having a disciplined approach to setting goals as well as developing the strategic methods to achieve them is always the key to success. Scheduling is the best form of planning and organising your project to ensure the best results. Sinnaps teaches and helps small business to plan projects in a professional way.


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