More than half a million pounds is being pumped into Salford’s stroke and neuro-rehab services to reduce hospital stay and waiting times.

NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has approved £630k funding for extra staff in the Salford community.

This investment will bring services together to reduce hospital lengths of stay and create shorter waiting times for access to the service.

Progressive neurological disorders such as dementia, Parkinson’s and tumours; as well as traumatic brain injuries and strokes can benefit from neuro rehabilitation. Once the acute stage of treatment for a brain injury is completed, neuro rehabilitation helps the patient recover and regain their functional and cognitive abilities.

In Salford, there are two separate specialist community rehab services, an early supported discharge (ESD) team for stroke patients designed to enable a quick transfer from hospital to home following an acute stroke. There is also the community neurological rehabilitation team (CNRT) that offers specialist multi-disciplinary services for people with brain injuries like those caused after a major incident like a car crash.

Since 2015 the Operational Delivery Network (ODN) in Greater Manchester has been looking how stroke and neuro rehab services are delivered. The recommendation is to provide a specialist integrated stroke and neuro community rehab team.

The collaboration of the two services will provide a single service to both stroke and neuro rehab patients, dependant on need. This will improve the effectiveness and the quality of the service to all patients irrespective of diagnosis. The singular service will be made up of three pathways; high intensive therapy at home; low/medium intensity; and discharge to a residential home. A person-centred care plan will also be developed depending on the person’s needs and the intensity of therapy needed.

Dr. Jenny Walton, clinical lead for older people and integrated care in Salford, said: “This investment towards more staff will enable Salford to provide an exemplary service to both stroke and neurology patients in the community.”


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