“Today was a major day for our beloved Club, the old girl is safe. The CVA was passed so our future is secured as I said I would.” says Shakers owner Steve Dale

We have worked tirelessly to achieve the result today whilst taking a lot of flak, some might say our methods were questionable but we can all pass comment with hindsight, my job was to save Bury FC and that’s done, we have other hurdles but the main one is complete.”

Bury’s future seems assured for the moment after the club’s creditors agreed a voluntary arrangement which will see them paid in full while unsecured creditors,, will be paid 25% of the money owed.

The club will face a 12 point deduction under League rules when they start their league one season.

Dale, in a statement on the club’s website lashed out at critics

“Over the coming weeks, our fans will see the truth appearing once the Police have completed their enquiries and arrests and they will realise who had the Club’s best interest at heart, the facts as always will outweigh the social media spin and lies” adding

“The social media garbage pedalled by the same few is not needed and bears no relation to the truth, I can’t see how attacking my family has anything to do with Bury FC issues but again it’s the same mindless few.”

The club meanwhile is still looking for a new owner after Dale put it for sale back in April




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