North West Ambulance chiefs have slammed the two illegal raves which took place at the weekend as using up valuable resources

Ged Blezard, Director of Operations at North West Ambulance Service said: “On Saturday evening and into the early hours of Sunday morning, we were called over 20 times to the illegal raves in Manchester, with some incidents sadly having devastating outcomes for the patients involved.

“A number of resources were sent to two separate sites at Daisy Nook and Carrington, including our Hazardous Area Response Team (HART), an emergency doctor, operational commanders, advanced and specialist paramedics, rapid response vehicles and ambulances.

“Coronavirus is still a threat and mass gatherings should not currently be taking place. This selfish and irresponsible behaviour puts lives at risk, not just those of the individuals who attended but their family, friends and wider community too.

“This has taken up valuable emergency resources and is a clear breach of the government legislation that has been put in place to protect us all.

“We’d urge people to please be responsible, continue to follow the social distancing guidelines and stay safe. We’ve got this far, it’s not time to give up now.”


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