The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and its member organisations have warned that the Covid pandemic is far from over and are warning the public to continue to take precautions after the 19th July

In a statement issued the Academy says that Medical royal colleges, as the professional voice of doctors, believe that continuing to be cautious is the right thing to do for both individuals and organisations.

There is little doubt, tehy say that things will get worse before they get better.

“We are already in the turmoil of a third wave of the virus and cases are rising dramatically.Thankfully, due to the success of the vaccination campaign, that is not translating into the previous levels of hospital admissions and deaths, although numbers of both are rising steadily.

There are, they say reports of routine care having to be postponed again due to healthcare professionals.having to isolate as well as the rising caseload which risks increasing the pressures on the NHS.

For a combination of reasons, not all of which are yet clear, the NHS is currently under
unprecedented pressure. People who stayed away from the NHS during the pandemic are now coming forward, some of them with more serious problems because of the delay in seeking help.

The numbers of people attending GP surgeries and emergency departments has rocketed to levels which are causing real problems for the NHS and are difficult to manage. In addition to the growth of Long-COVID, particularly in younger adults presents additional pressures and challenges to theservice.

At the same time the hospitals are trying to tackle the huge backlog in elective work which
has built up over the pandemic. It is like the worst of a bad winter in July.As restrictions are lifted we will see increases in other respiratory infections as well as COVID cases
further adding to the pressures. We have already seen this in children, although COVID itself is very unlikely to cause severe illness or death in children or teenagers.

There is no doubt, tehy add that we will get to a position when this dangerous and erratic disease is largely under control for the population as a whole and we can ‘learn to live with’ COVID-19.

“However, we are not in that position yet and sadly, we have to expect things to get worse again.Doctors are therefore urging people, organisations and governments to continue to act with care.Only in that way will we fully and finally emerge from this pandemic.”


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