The application is compatible with any device from iOS, Androids and even your PC. It installs is a matter of minutes and is super easy to use. All that you need is to deposits £250 after you are done with the registering process. Once the money has been deposited you are ready to start trading and making money. The fully automated robot along with your assigned broker makes the next step even easier. All you have to do is click on the auto trade button and the robot will start scanning the markets to make sure that it selects the cheapest cryptocurrencies available. While this is happening, your broker is monitoring the trade and immediately validating the funds. This process can take as little as 10 to 20 minutes per day. You can, however, trade for even longer if you wish. You also have another option, the manual trade method, where you can trade for yourself.

What Affects Bitcoin’s Prices?

Miners are the people who hold the entire system together. They are the ones who build the blocks and complete the blockchain. The blocks are made up of all the transaction which takes place during trading. Transactions such as deposits, withdrawals and messages. This data is taken and decoded or turned into security keys and passwords, which in turn create the safest platform for traders and their investments. These miners are rewarded for their services. They receive one bitcoin for each block they complete. Once they accumulate, a total of 210,000 blocks, a process is known as “halving events” takes place. This is when the miners are rewarded, from 50 Bitcoins in 2009; the next awards were in 2013 when they received 25. Thereafter, the next two awards were 12,5 and 6,25 respectively. The reason for the reduction in these awards is because Bitcoin is becoming more and scarcer. With the mining process continuing, there will eventually be fewer coins, making the value much higher.

The Future of Cryptocurrency

The markets trends have changed since crypto trading started. What this brings about is equal opportunity for everyone to partake in making money. At first, automated trading on the crypto platform was only available to trained traders. This meant that a new trader would not have had access to this platform. With immediate bitcoin and other crypto applications, this has changed. Now, any trader, whether new or professional can trade and earn a passive income, daily. The immediate bitcoin UK platform is no exception; analysts have had a look at it and have found that traders would be hard-pressed to find trading any easier. The user-friendly trading process makes it possible for even first time traders to succeed.

Trading is the future

Most people have come to realise that working a 9 to 5 job today, is simply not enough. This is why so many people have started looking at other sources of passive income. Trading is normally a very scary option for many! Due to it is not a straight forward and easy platform especially, if you know nothing about trading, but also because of reports of how many scams are out there. Now, with these automated trading options, which do the trading on your behalf, it has simplified and made it possible to supplement your salary. To add to the ease of this process, it does not require hours of hard work to do so. It can be done at any time and only takes about 20 minutes.


This is the ideal option for people who are busy working full-time. All that is necessary is that you visit the site for a short period during the day or after work, to select the trade and set parameters. Once that is done, you can go back to your normal life while reaping the benefits of a growing passive income stream.


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