Hair transplants are a permanent remedy for individuals dealing with hair loss and baldness. The improved appearance, quick recovery, and low maintenance requirements are some of the top reasons why many will seek this solution to permanently treat hair loss. This hair restoration solution will have different costs, depending on the country in which patients choose to undergo the transplant.  We look at some of the best countries to get a hair transplant, according to costs and the overall quality of the medical services.


Turkey is a top country for hair transplants for many patients. The country has several clinics, mostly in Istanbul, that offer high-quality services at much lower costs compared to countries like the United States or the United Kingdom. This is one reason why patients from the US or even other, non-European countries are choosing to travel to Turkey for this procedure.

The costs of hair transplants in Turkey vary according to the chosen procedure. These are the FUT (follicular unit transplant) and the FUE (follicular unit extraction). The difference is that for the FUT, a hair transplant surgeon removes a strip from which individual hair follicles will be extracted and transferred, while for the FUE, each follicle is extracted from the donor area and transplanted. The suitable type of transplant will depend on a range of factors, however, in Turkey, dedicated hair transplant clinics offer both solutions.

Hair transplants in Turkey can be two or three times lower than in other European counties. What’s more, Istanbul and other cities are also very attractive for a city break, during the recovery.


Low costs for the transplant procedures and for transport (from other European countries) are two of the primary reasons why this country is one of the most suitable ones for patients willing to undergo hair transplantation.  


A suitable choice for patients from eastern or central Europe, Poland offers quality services in a number of private clinics. The costs can be more than 20% lower compared to other countries like Germany or Switzerland. Moreover, Polish clinics offer both types of procedures.


Thailand is one of the Asian countries of choice for medical procedures and for cosmetic ones such as hair transplants. The Government has encouraged the development of hospitals, in an effort to make the country a world-class medical hub, with top choices for medical and wellness procedures. 

While the costs for the medical transplant procedures are similar to those in the other countries included on this list, patients may find that the transportation costs are more significant, especially when traveling from Europe.

Other countries where the costs for hair transplants are lower are India or Mexico as well as the Dominican Republic. 

Medical tourism is well developed in many countries. Choosing the right destination will depend on the overall costs but also on the number of medical facilities, the quality of the services and the transport costs. 


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