At Embryo Digital, while some of us are born and bred Mancunians, and others transplanted from much further afield, ​our team of digital experts​ truly embody the Manchester spirit. We’ve always been a Manchester company, and we wouldn’t consider moving anywhere else!

With the digital industry in Manchester growing every day, we’re proud to call Manchester our home, and wanted to share some of the reasons we love it so much.

Manchester is ​growing, both in the population​ (in the last census, we were the third fastest-growing area in the UK) and the number of businesses in the city. That’s great news for us, as it means there’s a whole wealth of business available locally, and more and more potential clients who might need our services. What business could argue with that?

This wealth of business also gives us the chance to spread our wings a bit as digital professionals, and ​create exciting, innovative and experimental new campaigns​ over SEO, social media, web design and more, to give clients in all kinds of industries the results they need.

Manchester is well connected.

From Manchester, our busy sales team can travel all over the north-west, and further afield. With a growing presence and relationship with the Leeds business community happening in our business, alongside hundreds of other northern businesses looking to expand their reach over time, the relationship between our two cities can’t be underestimated. We’ve also got great links to London and the south-east, so it’s no wonder plenty of national businesses also decide to set up shop here!

Manchester is full of talent.

As ​ex-Londoners give up the rat race and move north, Manchester is seeing a boom of talented digital professionals​, not to mention the homegrown talent we’ve always had. Manchester’s digital community has some fantastic small companies and professionals, and we certainly know how to celebrate them.

The worker bee cliches are true!

The Manchester bee is everywhere in our city, and you might think it’s a bit cliched, but the hardworking and motivated spirit of the city is plain to see when you’re a smaller business. Our team, like so many others, are always willing to go above and beyond to get something done, and we’re always helping and supporting each other when we can.

There’s nowhere we’d rather be than in Manchester as a social media and digital marketing agency, and at Embryo Digital, we love having our base here.

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