With the weather improving and summer approaching fast now is the time to turn your attention to larger DIY projects. Perhaps you are self-employed and are expecting a flurry of Manchester based jobs. Either way now is the time to research good tool rental businesses for the heavy-duty equipment needed to undertake significant projects.

With this in mind let’s look at how using mini digger hire and similar tools can help you with the bigger, harder jobs.

Avoid Red Tape

If you are a small business owner there is a lot of red tape involved in buying heavy equipment. This can include:

  • Health and Safety – Risk assessments, planned preventative maintenance, training, and servicing all have to be factored in when you purchase heavy equipment. This is negated at least in part by hiring the equipment as it should be in good working order when you collect it.
  • Storage and Servicing – You don’t have the hassle of storing the equipment when it is not in use. You simply give it back after use. Similarly, regular maintenance and servicing is out of your hands and not your responsibility. Even if you use tools such as mini diggers and similar tools regularly it may still be in your interest to hire the tool rather than an outright purchase.

With clear planning, you can hire tools for when you need them.

A Wide Range of Tools

A wide range of tools is available. Not just mini diggers but a whole range of equipment. This can include everything from working at height equipment such as scaffolding to other mechanised tools such as bulldozers. No matter if you’re a small business or a DIY enthusiast you may want to look into what you can hire. It could save you a lot of outlay in the long run.

Cost Effective

Hiring equipment not only cuts through red tape and storage issues but it is considerably cheaper too. With good scheduling, you only pay for it when you need it. This saves considerably on the initial outlay and on maintenance costs.

Tool Rental Perfect for the Big DIY Project

If you have a big DIY project tool rental is perfect. You won’t want to buy a mini digger or something similar as you may only need it for a weekend. The costs are considerably cheaper as well as much of this equipment can cost in the thousands. Hiring gives you freedom. You do not have to store the equipment after use where they tend to take up considerable space. The equipment can simply be returned and you don’t have to think about it.

Finding a Good Supplier

When looking for a supplier of tool rental equipment it is a good idea to build up a strong working relationship with your chosen vendor. This can help if you have a rush job and need the equipment quickly, get notified of special offers, and get priority for hiring equipment once you establish yourself as a good customer.

When choosing a good supplier you should look at online reviews, been established for a while, and have plenty of experience and outlets.

Outlets are important because if one branch may not have it one that is not too far away may have it. As such, a long delay is turned into a small delay and you and your teams can get on with the job.

If you’re doing a DIY project this means that you aren’t going to waste time you’ve taken off work or that long Easter weekend.

Delivered When you Need It

Good suppliers offer delivery options for the equipment. This means you do not have to lose a team member or arrange special vehicles to pick up the equipment. With good scheduling, you can get your equipment delivered when you need it and you don’t have to schedule dropping it off when you’re finished with it.

This arrangement is perfect if you are a DIY enthusiast. Arranging to collect and drop off tool rental equipment can be particularly difficult and generally carries at an extra cost. Even if you have to pay for delivery it will still work out much cheaper than hiring vans etc.

More Productive Avoid Headaches

Knowing that the equipment needed to do a job is at the end of the phone or order online gives you an amazing productivity boost. This can be a real help if you suddenly need heavy-duty equipment that wasn’t planned for.

Having the equipment on demand makes your teams more agile and they concentrate on completing the job.  Again, having a good working relationship with a supplier is essential to productivity.

Tool rental offers a real boost and a great resource to small builders and DIY enthusiast with a big DIY project to complete. Investigate tool rental outlets in your local area and consider hiring tools for your next big job.


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