You’re hosting a big party, whether it’s a corporate event, a launch party, a Christmas celebration with your CEO in attendance, or even a wedding, and at the last minute you remember that you haven’t bought party gifts for your hundreds of guests!

What can you do? Finding party bag fillers at short notice is never an easy task. But help is on hand. Specialist suppliers can quickly produce numerous gifts in an instant, ensuring you have everything ready for your party. Now, instead of you searching the internet in a frenzy, we have put together a useful list of six party gift ideas which your guests will love, making sure your night goes off with a bang!

Personalised lighters

IGO Promo produces thousands of promotional and personalised products including bags and office supplies, all to help you promote your brand or event. They have a wide range of personalised lighters which can be bought in bulk for your packed party, and can be decorated with design wraps, colours, and your business logo. Choose from IGO Promo’s vast selection of different styles and sizes of lighters to create that spark of conversation at your party!

Reusable straws

Instead of topping cocktail glasses with flimsy plastic straws, which will go down like a lead balloon with your eco-friendly guests, give everyone their own reusable straw to take home. Find a company that sells ethical and sustainable homeware, such as bamboo straws, which many guests will consider to be a thoughtful and thoroughly useful gift.

Bespoke fragrance favours

If you’re looking for something unique, and hoping to impress a big group of partying ladies, then try some upmarket ‘smellies’ such as homemade candles, wax melts, room fragrances, car fresheners, and even pet perfumes are a sweet-smelling way to say thank you to your guests.

Chocolate boxes

If all else fails, you can never disappoint with chocolate. Instead of hurriedly decorating your tables with chocolate coins, get inspired by a professional chocolaterie. Choose from organza bags, personalised place setting boxes, or even miniature top hats, all stuffed with little chocolates. The party is in full swing, and before you know it everyone has eaten their gifts — now you know they were a success!

Spiced tea infusion

Although bespoke tea bags don’t usually come to mind when thinking of party gifts, they’re certainly a creative idea to keep your guests talking! Look for custom-made tea blends that you can create yourself. Each tea bag is prettily presented, and you may even find some curious guests ask for a mug of hot water instead of champagne. Flavours include Orange Spice, Tropical Mango, and Jasmine Green.

Stress balls

After the last year and a half, everyone probably needs one of these! If you look hard enough, you can find stress balls in almost every shape and size imaginable, including chickens and even London buses. Choose simple spheres with your company’s logo, or coordinate your party’s theme with your chosen stress ball — maybe a space party with some squeezable rockets? Let your colleagues vent their frustrations before their next deadline!

As this list shows, there are endless imaginative gift options out there for your next party, so on the night, all you need to do is relax and have fun!



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