Fast progress which occurred over the last few decades proofs, without a doubt, that we are above all a technological society. Judging by the number of devices and gadgets we daily use, it seems like an absolutely correct statement. The way our lifestyles are developing, most of us dream of living in futuristic smart homes, with appliances and systems on every corner ready to serve their purpose. Possessing many gadgets doesn’t mean that we, as users, don’t have open or hidden agendas to purchase more. New tech products and latest inventions are often the first on our wish list, even though in some cases we actually don’t need them. The answer to the question of why we behave this way can be found in the marketing story behind these products, and universal promise that this or that product will do something more efficiently, or save some valuable space, time or energy. However, some of them, such as security devices, became a real necessity and why many people sleep better. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about the latest expensive models with 24-hour monitoring service or DIY Home Security Systems No Monthly Fee. We can all agree; it’s a practical way to protect home and family members.

As we are all different, so are our technological preferences, and choosing the right one is the key to satisfying day to day use. According to surveys and based on people’s needs and expectations, the following 10 home innovations could change and improve our lives in the future and justified the purchase for more than one reason.

Tunable White Lighting Can Change Your Mood

For most people, living and working in rooms or offices with artificial light is practically unavoidable. Unfortunately, after a long period, this light can cause some health issues, such as frequent headaches, lack of energy, or mood swings. Studies have shown that even the color of light can have a significant impact on people. For example, green light stimulates hormones, purple is good for insomnia, red is known as an energy booster, whilst blue light lowers blood pressure and helps with the migraine.

Therefore, automated or on-demand tunable lighting is an extremely easy way to brighten our days and make our coping with daily schedules and even some health issues less painful.

Bringing Minority Report into Reality

Using the voice-controlled automation devices in a smart home is, for many users, one of the most convenient innovations ever.  It could also be entertaining, or not, in case it was done unintentionally. To prevent these and similar situations or better misunderstandings, producers came up with the models that can be controlled with jewelry, such as a smart ring or simple hand gesture. 

‘Smarten Up’ Your Bathroom

Smart bathrooms offer countless benefits. Some of them can add a new level to the overall cosines, while others are efficient and budget-friendly. Bathroom appliances with voice control options can keep the space clean and sanitized for a much longer time. They can also adjust the bathwater to an ideal temperature or warm the toilet seat, with just a few simple setups. 

Smart Light Switches can Multi-task

It’s already great when lighting in the room can be easily adjusted, but nowadays, it’s also possible to ask a virtual assistant to do that. The compatibility between these two devices enables the user to set different lighting for various situations (morning, movie time) and initiate it with just a few words.

Control Your Washing Machine via Your Smart Phone

The list of home devices connected to smartphones is getting longer and longer every day. Now, the washing machines became a part of this smart family. These new models can be called a new generation as they are equipped with some amazing features. They can be connected to the phone to start the washing process or to check for progress. Also, their sensors can detect how dirty things are and adjust the cycle accordingly. The quick add option provides adding clothes during the period without turning the machine off.

Future of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

When looking at their features, it’s obvious these devices became really powerful besides cleaning floors when no ones at home. According to schedule, they can also move from one room to another based on the plan of the space, or combine brushing and moping with laser-guided vacuuming. 

Turn Your Wall into a Mega-TV

LED TV’s are nothing new for a long time, but LED walls are something that arises attention. Some of these products have the option to adjust to whatever size user needs, with over 140 or more inches display. With these devices, watching movies and favorite sports events will be a whole new experience.

Don’t Want to Cook? Have Your Robo Chef Do It

Those who don’t have time to cook fresh, healthy meals will soon be able to order it from a personal, professional robot chef. It might sound too futuristic, but this kitchen revolution has already started and will be available for purchase, very soon.

Smart Beds Could Be the Future of Sleeping

Good night sleep is one of the most important factors for healthy living. So, what could be more natural than inventing a smart bed? Future beds will collect data about sleeper’s needs and preferences and adjust the mattress during the sleep to help the user make the most of it. A dream come true scenario, literally.

Smart Security Cameras Could Be the Future of Home Security

Believe it or not, cables will soon become history, even for cameras. The smart cameras will have integrated wireless charging, so destroyed or damaged cables will no longer be a problem. Needless to say, the security systems will probably become even more reliable and, hopefully, more affordable.

These are just 10 of many new tech items that will or have already emerged on the market. Even if we think that not all of them are equally useful, some would most certainly make our lives easier and more relaxed, which most desperately needs.


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