The Istanbul surgeon Dr. Levent Acar has taken hair transplants to new levels with a new technique, Micro Sapphire DHI. In the new technique, over 99% of individual hair grafts take root and produce new hair growth. This is a clear improvement on the industry standard of between 60-70%. 

Micro Sapphire DHI combines Micro Sapphire FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technology for the first time. This represents a genuine advance in the field of hair transplants. 

Dr. Acar said, “Our research shows that this new technology offers clear advantages over existing methods. We are excited to offer these world-leading advantages to our patients.” 

The operating microtools are made from the precious stone sapphire. They are more precise than traditional steel ones. This allows for finer incisions, quicker healing, less hair root damage, and a lower chance of infection. DHI implanter pens allow precise and protected implantation. 

Traditionally, FUE hair transplant surgery has been used on patients who require a large number of hair follicles transplanted. DHI, thanks to its greater precision, has been used more often for more detailed work on a smaller area. In recent years, FUE technology has been improved with the use of sapphire operating tools. These create finer incisions, allowing for quicker healing and less hair root damage. 

Dr. Acar uses micro sapphire tools which are even finer than standard sapphire. His use of micro sapphire has created a technique which can be used for nearly all hair loss patients. 

Istanbul Turkey, an attractive destination for hair transplants 

Istanbul has become the Silicon Valley of hair restoration in recent years. Many renowned Turkish hair transplant clinics have established a firm foothold in the metropolis on the Bosporus. Dr. Acar founded Cosmedica Clinic in 2011. He has headed the internationally renowned transplant clinic ever since, specialising in high quality hair transplants.

Dr. Acar was born in Germany, where he also completed his schooling and professional training. He speaks fluent English, Turkish and German.

He has been working in hair transplantation since 2007. Soon afterwards, he became interested in pushing the boundaries of the field. Cosmedica Clinic acquired a reputation for offering the most advanced technologies. 

His 15 years of experience in the field of hair surgery in Turkey and his constant striving for innovation have already brought him several awards. For example, the Cosmedica Clinic has received the international WhatClinic Service Award three years in a row.

The clinic also has JCI (Joint Commission International) certification. It stands for the highest medical standards, both in terms of technical equipment and patient safety.

Dr. Acar’s methods for success

Part of Dr. Acar’s success lies in his insistence on individual treatment for each patient. Each patient has their own needs, both in the nature of the hair transplant required and individual physiology.

Before the procedure, the doctor takes a personal look at the state of the patient’s existing hair. He pays close attention to both the recipient area and donor area. He thoroughly examines the individual hair situation and suggests the best way forward. This includes a discussion about the number of grafts needed and the best technique for the job.

Hair transplantation before and after – amazing differences

Dr. Acar has already carried out more than 20,000 hair transplantations – with great success. The before and after pictures speak volumes. 

Aside from thick, healthy hair growth, the Micro Sapphire DHI treatment allows for extremely accurate hair placement. The implanted hair runs exactly along the hairline, which ensures an impressively natural result. Transplants and real hair are indistinguishable.

Micro Sapphire DHI also has a faster healing rate than traditional techniques. The ultra-fine blades make only extremely small incisions in the scalp. These heal much faster and more reliably than with traditional FUE hair transplants. 

This means that the patient is fully fit for social life again soon after the procedure. They only have to abstain from sports, saunas and sunbathing for a short time.

Cosmedica Clinic customers who travel to Turkey praise the on-site care, the detailed consultation, the pleasant treatment, and the competent aftercare. The whole experience in Istanbul, with a classy hotel and historical city, also leaves patients with lasting positive memories and a permanent solution to hair loss.

Why a hair transplant in Turkey?

Medical competence and many years of experience alone speak in favour of clinics in Turkey. However, for many patients, cost is a decisive factor in favour of medical tourism to Istanbul. 

Cosmedica Clinic can offer significantly lower prices than in western Europe. A study by Statista from 2018 confirmed this. A hair transplant at German clinics costs on average up to 54% more than at Turkish clinics. British and German clinics offer comparable costs.

Many Turkish clinics offer all-inclusive packages, rarely seen in other countries. Dr. Acar’s Cosmedica Clinic is among them. In addition to a comprehensive preliminary consultation, a detailed explanation and reliable aftercare, the patient benefits from other attractive additional services. Fixed prices offer especially large savings to patients needing high numbers of hair grafts.

The price includes a stay in a luxurious hotel as well as all transfers between the clinic, airport, and hotel. 

After the procedure, expert after-care is guaranteed. An after-care package includes high-quality shampoos enriched with biotin, vitamins, and medication. In addition, there are other essential care products for a quick and complication-free healing process.

Interested patients can get a free consultation with Dr. Acar by visiting Cosmedica Clinic’s contact page.


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